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Which are the most grateful clients and why?

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Marketing is, of course, a very important aspect of any business. However, it is far from being the only way to acquire new customers and keep the old ones. Namely, doing what you can in order to build your customers’ loyalty will certainly make your moving business more successful. And gratitude stems from loyalty. In this post, we will answer the question, which are the most grateful clients and why? Read on to learn how to make your customers more loyal and grateful to your business.

Brand development

The most grateful clients will find a personal connection with your brand. Of course, if the customer was satisfied with your service, the first prerequisite to building loyalty is achieved. However, simply providing great service isn’t enough. You will also need to think about the way your brand appears in the eyes of the customers. From the design of your website and your logo to the overarching philosophy of your business, there is a multitude of factors influencing your brand’s potential to connect with customers. And connecting with customers is essential, as it will turn them into grateful and continuously returning clients.

What is the best way to achieve this?

First of all, you will need to know your customers. Their age, location, habits, interests, needs… These are just some of the important factors that should influence your brand development. When you understand your customers, you can work toward creating a brand that will speak to them, and generate loyalty and gratefulness in the process. Working with a specialized business can also be a good idea if you want to create brand development of the highest order. Either way, understanding your customers and building your brand accordingly is vital in this regard.

Establish a personal connection

Person shaking hands with a client
Establishing a personal connection will acquire you the most grateful clients.

The most grateful clients are also the ones to whom you have been speaking personally. We already said that some kind of personal connection is necessary in order to build customer loyalty. Remembering your customers and your previous dealings is an important step to take in order to make your customers more grateful. Approaching them as human beings, rather as entities with wallets and cash, is paramount in this regard. 

This is not to say that it’s wrong to use any software that will automatize and streamline a part of your communication. There are certainly upsides of CRM software solutions (CRM is short for customer relationship management system), that shouldn’t be disregarded. However, such software solutions should only be used as an aid. Not as a tool that will eliminate the need for making personal connections with customers. Remember, if a customer feels that you are grateful for doing business with him or her, it is more likely that they will reciprocate in a similar manner. Otherwise, you can hardly expect to acquire grateful clients who do not feel your appreciation.

Shared purpose

A wrapped gift.
Giving gifts will only get you so far.

An easy way to make your customers more grateful involves gifts. Coupons offering discounts to your customers and free merchandise with your brand’s motifs (for example, a t-shirt) are likely to make your clients happy. However, experts believe that loyalty that was generated this way is not substantial or viable in the long run. Rather, your customers will be more loyal if you can find a shared, mutual purpose.

What does the term “shared purpose” entail? For example, if you are an owner of a moving business, it would be best if you saw every move as an opportunity to help someone, rather than just as a job that needs to be done. If you decide to gift a customer after a successful relocation, you should do it because you are grateful that you have contributed to his/her relocation. Instead of giving a gift simply because of a successful transaction. So, a “thank you for your business” note would be wrong in this sense. “Glad to be of assistance, enjoy your new home”, on the other hand, implies that you have established a shared purpose with your client.

This is something that customers certainly appreciate. Rather than feeling like a faceless entity that you only care about for business-related reasons, the feeling of working together toward a mutual goal is created. This, in turn, creates plenty of loyalty and gratitude. It leads to positive word-of-mouth and is one of the answers to the question of how to find potential clients.

Provide an excellent service

A five-star review; you'll need no less than five stars in order to acquire the most grateful customers.
The quality of your service is paramount when it comes to the loyalty of your customers.

As we said, the first prerequisite to building loyalty is that you provide an excellent service. Customers not only care about the quality of your service. They also want the job to be completed in a timely manner. Maximizing your efficiency and the quality of your business will lead to more grateful customers. Without the quality of service, no other tactic will work. The most grateful clients are the ones who were satisfied with the way you handled your duties.

Seeing that you take your job seriously will instill gratitude in your customers, especially if they have previously been dealing with unprofessional companies. And from there, you can work on further increasing their satisfaction levels. Treating your customers as human beings and working toward a shared purpose is key in this sense.

To recapitulate

Finally, let us conclude by recapitulating.

  • The most grateful clients are the ones who were more than satisfied with your service. This is the cornerstone of any strategy related to dealing with customers and instilling a sense of loyalty in them.
  • Your brand development plays a significant role in making your customers more connected to your brand.
  • You can further enhance that connection by the way you personally treat your clients. You cannot expect that your customers will be grateful for doing business with you, if you are not grateful for doing business with them.
  • Finding a shared purpose will make your customers take a sentimental liking of your business. Instead of an ordinary provider of goods or services, you are working together toward a mutual goal.