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SEO basics for moving business owners to always keep in mind

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Being a moving business owner is undoubtedly a full-time job full of simple twists and turns. Understandably, operating in such a fast-paced industry makes you work hard to become and remain relevant within your customer base and among competitors. One of the best ways for a moving business to get more visibility, increase traffic, and ultimately generate more revenue is to invest time in Search Engine Optimization. The right approach and the willingness to learn SEO basics for moving business owners can make or break your chances of establishing your company among the successful ones. Performing SEO for movers happens to be what we know a lot about. So, let us review some valuable tips and build together a strategy to grow your sales.

The right SEO efforts will make your business website gain the needed visibility

If you are unsure how Search Engine Optimization works and how you can benefit from it, imagine writing a great book. Both your family and friends think it is excellent. Even your neighbor across the street says you should publish it. However, if you don’t get a good editor, a great cover, and shelf space in all the relevant bookstores in town, no one will be able to find it and enjoy it for a beautiful book it is. The same principle can apply to your business. You have spent so much time, effort, and money establishing your moving business and already have a customer base. But, if you don’t go a step further and gain the needed visibility among your target customer base, all your efforts could be in vain.

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The list of SEO basics for moving business owners to focus on can depend on the size of the business

Search Engine Optimization lets you use your resources in the best way possible. It helps you build the necessary brand awareness. While you can still invest in some joint moving company advertising projects, SEO practices remain a must-have for every company with a website. It is a cost-effective, quick and painless process of letting your business be searched the right way. Here is how you can do it:

  • Optimize for the right keywords
  • Improve your website design
  • Create some great content
  • Link your content
  • Don’t forget local SEO

Finding and using the right keywords will help your ranking

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Search for terms your potential customers type in when they have the need for moving services

Keyword research is essential for a proper SEO strategy. Researching the words your customers type in their search engines can help you position your business. There are many keywords research tools available out there. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the ones that suit you best. However, once you commit to a tool such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, you will have the chance to gain valuable results you can use for building your content strategy.

One thing you want to consider when choosing keywords is the search volume. Make sure to select keywords that potential customers are searching for. You don’t want to commit to searching terms no one is searching for.

Make your web-design SEO friendly

Opting to change the overall website design might seem an excessive step to some. However, if you are a moving company owner, you have to know that your website is, on many occasions, the first thing your clients see. It is the exact place they form an opinion about your whole business. Therefore, you want your website to be visually appealing and easy to navigate but, most importantly, SEO friendly. A well-thought-of and executed moving company website design will allow Google to quickly and efficiently scan through the site and index it. It will most certainly affect the rankings your business will have, the number of leads you will receive, and the revenue increase you are hoping to get.

Creating compelling content is always a good idea

While you want the content of your website to reflect your offering, giving your customers more than just a mere list of services is a must. While you might not yet have a clear content strategy in place, you can always start by creating separate pages for your moving services. Remember to keep them rich with relevant keywords. Keep in mind you want your content to be interesting, valuable, and informative for your potential customers. Increasing the time your customers spend on your website can increase your chances of closing some sales in the future. Content creation should be followed by periodical maintaining and auditing.  You should constantly work to make your website relevant and meaningful.

woman working on a laptop
Introducing an SEO strategy can be an engaging project you can assign to your employees or agency experts

When you finish building your site, you want other relevant sites to link to it. Therefore, having a well-organized website structure and an internal linking strategy will definitely improve your chances of ranking on search engines. In addition, if you add quality external links and get relevant websites to link to your pages or blog posts will indicate that your company website has a certain level of quality.

Keeping it local is among SEO basics for moving business owners to focus on

Considering that some surveys state that more than 93% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, investing in local SEO seems logical. Additionally, if you are a moving company serving a specific area, county, or state, you want your local efforts to have meaning. A good local SEO strategy can include but not be limited to having your location address on the website, creating a location-centered website structure, or creating posts on locally relevant topics or news.

Adding the geographical element to your SEO practices will undoubtedly appeal to the search engines. It will give you more opportunities to attract the right customers.

Have patience, and the results will come

As you are probably quite aware, being a business owner is a challenging role. However, taking good care of your business, employees, and customers take determination and willingness to change for the better. In addition, being patient with the results of your efforts is something you learn along the way. So, remember that while learning about SEO basics for moving business owners and implementing it might be a quick process for some, seeing actual results will take time for everyone.