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Guidelines to writing your Location page

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The success of moving business depends on various factors. Although still among the top priorities, high-quality service is not enough for reaching the full potential of your company. The digital era has introduced new business trends to be followed and made a solid online presence a must. If you operate in various locations, it essential to explore the best moving company websites and master the discipline of writing your Location page. By targeting your clients in different areas and providing them with the location-relevant information, you establish a high online reputation and make your business more respectable and trustworthy. Hence, these are some guidelines for writing your Location page you need to study closely.

Stuffing keywords is a wrong strategy

Not so long ago, there was a tendency to apply simple keyword-stuffing to rank better on search engines. All business owners needed to do was to mention the relevant keyword as many times as they could. The content they provided had no real value. It was created to trick search engines and get a better rank.

the word keyword written with wooden dice because stuffing keywords is a wrong strategy when writing your Location page
Forget about stuffing keywords when writing your Location page.

Nowadays, the situation is considerably different. Firstly, it is necessary to follow content marketing trends on a regular basis. Clients and prospective customers require genuine quality without exception. Failing to meet their demands is a sure way to be beaten by your competitors. Secondly, stuffing keywords is the fastest way to get severely penalized by Google. Google algorithms are changing fast and keeping up with the changes is a necessity.

Writing your location page does not have to be overwhelming

A well-organized and properly designed website can be the best way to advertise a business. When you need to reach potential clients in various locations, it is essential to provide geo-focused content with all the relevant data. Although the process may seem overwhelming at first glance, it is not necessarily so. When writing your Location page, creating completely unique content is not a must. Despite serious penalties, Google applies for duplicate content in any other circumstances, this case is significantly different.

While using exactly the same content is not allowed, copying only certain parts of the content on each of the pages is perfectly fine. You will achieve consistency throughout your website this way. Moreover, you will make the process of writing much less demanding. Also, creating a template as the core content will facilitate the process to a large extent. This is the starting point so that you can add location-specific content later on.

a view of the Google logo through a magnifying glass
Google severely penalizes exactly the same content on different pages of a website.

Why are high-quality location pages important?

There are numerous reasons for relocation today. Changing your home location happens quite more often than it was the case in the past. Consequently, the moving industry has gone through significant growth. Nowadays, there is severe competition among moving companies on the market. When people who are preparing for the fast-coming relocation start looking for dependable movers online, they search for services in the areas they are interested in. Your location pages have the status of the Home Page for these users. Hence, offering high-quality content and the key information on the services and promotions is of utter importance.

Each of your location pages should contain the following so as to make prospective clients desire to test the instant quote software immediately and eventually book your company:

  • The comprehensive list of your services
  • The pictures of your office
  • The contact information clearly visible to all search users
  • A contract form clients are expected to sign once they decide to hire your moving company
  • Links to reputable review sites where your prospective clients can read about other people’s experiences with your moving company

The right strategy for writing your Location page

Writing your Location page should be in accordance with certain rules. By following them, you will rank well on Google and beat your competitors in this discipline easily. The rules include:

  • Each location page should prove its relevance to Google in terms of services and the area the company operates. Organize your content accordingly. Mention the services you offer and also include some of the main roads or landmarks in the content. Write from 250 to 400 words in an engaging tone and you will not miss the results.
  • Embed a Google map to clear away any doubts concerning your location. Using a geo sitemap for the purpose may be an intelligent choice as well.
  • Start each of your location pages with some general information on the area, city, or town you are writing for. The last paragraph should also be unique with location-specific content.
  • Creating a template will save you a lot of time. Apply this template on various location pages while combining it with the information relevant to the area.
  • Using a bulleted list of all the services you offer is a must when writing your Location page. Regardless of the number of locations you operate in, each of these pages should present the search users with one of these.
a cartoon drawing of a megaphone announcing guidelines to writing location pages to everybody
Writing your Location page does not have to be overwhelming if you follow some simple rules.


Writing your Location page can be a serious problem if you are not familiar with the ways to do it right. Regarding the importance of this part of your website, exploring the guidelines on the subject is inevitable. By following the effective methods in this field, you can easily succeed in writing your Location page very successfully. Remember that you need to write a separate page for all of the locations you operate in. Also, keep in mind to make the content you offer relevant to both the services and the location in order to prove your relevance to Google. Only this way will you rank high among search engine results and reach your target clients.