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Top reasons for relocation today

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Why people are moving? This is the question that many moving companies and demographers are asking. Of course, the reasons for relocation can be purely individual. However, if you are following moving company news, you may notice that there are certainly a couple of common moving reasons that are universal and hardly change. Sometimes, people feel that there is something they could change about their life, without realizing that their home is bothering them. That’s why we made a list of top reasons for relocation so you can maybe recognize yourself and decide to find another home that will make you feel much better.

People simply need another home

Most of the people move because of the housing problem. Most commonly, their house becomes too big or too small, so they need another one. Out of these two, the first one takes the biggest part. People usually need more space, since their families have grown or they’ve collected more furniture or hobby equipment. Therefore, moving into a bigger home comes as the first solution.

Relocation for a new job is one of the top reasons for relocation

Getting a dream job is usually once in a lifetime opportunity. However, it often happens your new office is in another city or state. If you are wondering if you should relocate for a job – we suggest you take the chance! You can always find a suitable home, but maybe never again get a job opportunity like that.

working in a big city - top reasons for relocation
People often get an opportunity to work in another city – a great reason to move house

Working from home

You’ve decided to work from home, but you have no space to do it. The TV is on, kids are running everywhere – you simply need your home office. Working from home is also one of the top reasons for relocation. People choose to buy a bigger home because they need an extra room for their home office.


A kid going to a specific university/high school also belongs to this group of top reasons for relocation. Parents who want their child to go to a specific school find another house so they fall within a specific catchment area.


After they are retired, people very often move. The reason for that is they finally want to live in a dream home or location. Many of them have moved because of a job, so now they want to enjoy their free time to the maximum.


Financial budget definitely plays a big role in moving and buying a home. That’s why it belongs to the top reasons for relocation. Sometimes, a home becomes too expensive, because people suddenly have some other expenses. Therefore, they decide to relocate to a smaller home, or even a bigger one but on a less expensive location. In that case, be sure to do your best and find an inexpensive real estate deal. Also, getting a promotion or sudden money influx can be a reason why people decide to upgrade and get a home they’ve always wanted.

money bank - finances as one of the top reasons for relocation
One of the top reasons for relocation is definitely money – people often search for cheaper/more expensive homes

Number of family members change

Family is also one of the top reasons for relocation. Young couples expecting a child usually want to move to a bigger home where they could have more space when the baby comes. Also, older couples face the situation of the empty nest – children have grown up and gone their own way. Having a big house has no point, so they decide to move into a smaller, more practical home. Another family-related reason to move is divorce/break up. Usually, one of the people involved decides to move and find a new home.

family - top reasons for relocation
A growing family is one of the top reasons for relocation

Looking for a safer neighborhood

Safety is one of the main factors when choosing a home, especially if you have kids. Therefore, they don’t feel safe in a particular area, people often move to another, safer neighborhood. Moving companies should offer their customers a safe solution and transparent relocation quotes. Safety and trust is a huge factor when people choose a home and a moving company, so it is important to consider that when offering moving services.

Changes in an area

Cities and neighborhood are constantly changing for different reasons – social, financial, physical. Therefore, moving industry trends are also adapting to the situation. Moving companies should pay attention to these changes and trends, and be able to offer their clients suitable services. People often move because a neighborhood has changed and eventually lost something they moved originally for. They choose to find another home so they could live as comfortable as before.

Buying a home is one of the top reasons for relocation

It’s true that many people rent a house or apartment. However, most of them strive to actually buy a house eventually. That’s why getting the title of a homeowner is one of the top reasons for relocation. Recently, the number of people buying homes increased, which means more work for moving companies.

Getting away from repairs

Once a home comes to a state where it needs some repairs, some homeowners decide to sell it. Sometimes, it’s easier to find another home than do a lot of repairs (and spend a lot of money) on the old one.

Health issues

Sometimes, people come to certain health conditions where certain house characteristics create additional problems. It usually involves a lot of stairs, where people decide to move to a home which has only one floor.

Problems with neighbors

It has been a perfect, quiet neighborhood until ‘they’ moved in. Moving because of neighbors is quite a common reason for relocation. Usually, it involves noise complaints, arguments, feeling unsafe, etc. Either way, some people look for another place where they can enjoy their surroundings and have a friendly relationship with all the neighbors.

As you can see, there are quite a few top reasons for relocation. People are constantly moving, and they always need the help of a reliable mover. Be sure to provide them with high-quality services, and you will become a popular moving company in no time.