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Reasons to hire a PPC professional

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The digital marketing world is a vast one to explore. It can take years to merely scratch the surface of the entire mechanism. One part of that complex mechanism is found in the aspect of Par-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Unlike the long game that SEO offers, people tend to underestimate the sprint that PPC represents. However, this puzzle that Google offers to companies across the globe is far from simple. So much so that, to ensure any real progress, you need to reach out and hire a PPC professional. And even then, nobody can guarantee success with certainty.

What are the top 10 reasons to hire a PPC professional?

People shaking hands.
Hire a PPC professional, shake hands, and take care of your advertising campaigns.

Winning the top positions on all those organic rankings for top moving-related search terms. This is what it’s all about – what each and every moving company wants. However, this goal is not so easily attained, given the complexity of moving company SEO efforts. The good news is that there are other ways to approach this goal, and it lies in PPC.

You see, PPC offers every website the opportunity to rank at the very top of organic search engine results. With the help of platforms such as Google AdWords, companies such as yours can achieve targeted, short-term traffic in large amounts. The bad news is that to use this approach, you require extensive training and real-time experience working in this particular field. So, rather than wasting years trying to scratch the surface of it all, why not simply hire a PPC professional. In fact, here are 10 obvious reasons why this would be the right step for any company:

1. It saves you a lot of time

As we mentioned already, PPC is not the simplest of skills to master. It takes a lot of time until you are able to learn how to use it. It will take your hours and hours on a weekly basis, just to create and maintain an effective PPC campaign. And that’s only once you grasp the workings of the platform and other tools. Hence the need to hire a PPC professional.

2. Hiring a professional brings experience to your cause

You truly cannot replace “real world” experience with textbook knowledge (no matter how extensive). This same rule applies to PPC. No matter how gifted in the ways of marketing, even the most skilled of marketers have difficulty grasping advanced PPC concepts. Getting to a level that you can consider advanced could take years.

3. To hire a PPC professional means saving money

The more time you spend attempting to master the aspect of PPC, the more financial loss you are exposed to. You take valuable time away from dealing with clients, and this can cost you thousands of dollars long-term. Not to mention that PPC is no cheap activity – you need to invest in order to test. So, by the time you perfect your PPC campaigns, you could waste a lot of your client’s money. In order to prevent this, you should turn to trustworthy professionals that know what they’re doing and why.

Hand holding a lightbulb
Hire a PPC professional and conserve time and energy.

4. Keyword selection

Detailed keyword research is a critical part of any effective campaign. After all, knowing relevant local keywords can mean the difference between wasting hundreds of dollars a week on uninterested audiences, and displaying your ads to target audiences you want your business to connect with.

5. Ad writing is an important skill of any PPC professional

Even the right choice of keywords will not get you far unless you are not a persuasive copywriter. PPC ads are very constrained and limited in terms of characters. As a result, you have to choose every word with extra care and thought. The ads need to be persuasive and high-converting, which is not something anyone can accomplish. Even if you were to hire an experienced SEO copywriter, it wouldn’t necessarily mean success in terms of quality PPC ads.

6. It makes your landing pages better

Sure, the goal here is to attract as much traffic as possible to your website. However this beckons the question – where do you want all those online visitors to land? The answer – a well-optimized and high-converting landing page. How do you make it like that? You hire a PPC professional that has experience in creating advertising landing pages.

7. Bid management

Yet another important step in your PPC efforts is budget management. Not everyone has the necessary insight and knowledge required to plan and stretch out a limited monthly budget. PPC experts know how to maintain a steady position in search results while not burning your entire budget within a week.

8. Ongoing optimization

More importantly, certified PPC specialists monitor and are able to act instantly to prevent any unwanted expenses or loss of business. They can track results and adapt your budget and needs to the most effective ads. If you commit to it long-term, you can find a notable difference click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate… in the form of cheaper traffic and more lead submissions.

9. Results tracking

Do you possess the knowledge necessary to recognize a successful PPC campaign? What about handling Google Analytics – do you know how to operate it? If not, there really is no need to waste time, money, and effort on trying to figure it out by yourself. Especially not when there are trained professionals that you can hire to do it for you. Even if you don’t plan to hire a PPC professional long-term, consider that they can offer valuable consultation with optimizing your keywords, ads, and landing pages.

10. Advanced Pay-Per-Click settings

Phone with different marketing activities.
There are plenty of advanced options to explore.

People tend to forget or not know that PPC campaigns go beyond advertising on search engines. In fact, PPC initiates contextual advertising on any relevant website that signs up to be a part of the search engine’s network. Experienced PPC experts know how to manipulate search and content networks. Not only that, but they can configure other advanced settings like:

  • geo-targeting,
  • ad scheduling, and
  • negative keywords

All for the best possible ROI.

To conclude

Today, you can find countless webinars and online courses. With enough hours of training, studying, and working in the “real world”, you can scratch the surface and become a novice or even an expert. However, why waste your time and energy on going through campaign setups and management when you can hire a PPC professional to take care of everything for you?