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Benefits of automated email campaigns for moving companies

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There are many different approaches to email marketing that can generate results. However, the benefits of automated email campaigns for moving companies might make this method the best choice for you!

The usefulness of automated welcome emails

The first way to take advantage of automated email campaigns for moving companies is by having a welcome email. A welcome email is a lovely way to start your relationship the right way. It can be generated when a customer subscribes to your business, or when they hire you for the first time. Either way, it should contain a warm welcome to the company, as well as some exciting and helpful information. For example, anyone would appreciate tips about the moving process, how to best pack, or even where they can find the cheapest and best quality moving supplies. Of course, if you offer the latter yourself, you can sneak in some elements of your movers website design and adequately promote your goods, too!

a welcome sign
A warm welcome is always touching when you’re under a lot of stress, like when making a move.

Share useful tips and advice through regular automated email campaigns for moving companies

Another way to use automated email campaigns for moving companies is to link them to your blog. Of course, if you post often, getting emails for each and every blog post would be annoying. However, if you have a reasonable posting schedule, it’s likely that your customers would appreciate getting useful tips and tricks about moving every once in a while. They get helpful knowledge, and you can maintain a closer relationship with your past customers. You can even work on your local SEO for movers through the content, too! Just make sure to keep your content fresh and actually relevant for your broader audience. If it is super localized, it can have the opposite effect and make them unsubscribe instead.

A dog in a box
Tips such as what to do when moving with a pet are extremely useful for people moving for the first time.

The advantage of having automated appointment confirmation emails

At first, having automated appointment confirmation emails may seem like a bad idea. It can come across as rude or pushy, after all. However, you need to understand that people are under a lot of stress when planning a move. No matter how much they may be dreading or looking forward to the moment of the move itself, it’s still perfectly possible for them to overlook what date it currently is or important details about the move. So, having an automated email sent out a couple of days ahead of the move with the date, time, location and other important details about the move included is extremely helpful, mainly if you include a reminder that the move has been fully paid or that there’s part of the payment still left for them to make.

Consider having follow-up emails for after a move

Follow-up emails after a move are a great way to keep customers and boost brand loyalty for a moving company to utilize. It can be hard to hang onto customers. So, anything that can increase their fondness for your brand should be fully utilized! Just sending that automated email to check in and ensure there were no problems with the move is already a major plus in favor of your company. Especially if a problem has happened and your email opens up the possibility to resolve it quickly. Examples of this include lost belonging, damage to items that were only noticed after unpacking, and similar. If you take care of the problem promptly on top of that, then you’ll likely have a loyal customer for a very long time to come.

Moving boxes
It’s hard to notice damaged or missing items immediately after a move.

The promotion of additional services using automated emails

A possible use for automated email marketing campaigns for moving companies is promoting additional services. You can time the mail so it arrives shortly after they’ve booked a move with you, but well ahead of the date. This way, you can use promoting services such as packing, moving supply sales, or storage. Of course, you do not need to focus on digital marketing for movers. You can use automated emails for mutual promotion if you work closely with other businesses. For example, your emails can also contain promotional content for cleaners you work closely with. And they can reciprocate by adding your info to their automated email marketing campaigns.

Peak moving season automated email campaigns for moving companies

As professional movers, you know the difference the time of year can make on prices when planning a move. However, a lot of the people out there are not aware. What you can do to remedy this situation is to prepare automated emails to be sent out a bit before and during the peak moving season in your area. They should contain tips on the increase in prices and waiting times that peak season brings. As well as reminders to book their move early and to consider other services that will be super busy, too. You can even include a link to your site’s quote calculator to help website visitors get a moving quote.

The usefulness of reviews and why you should use automated emails to get them

The importance of online reviews for movers really cannot be overstated. So, the final thing you should use automated email campaigns for moving companies is to get more of them! If you time this email a bit after your follow-up mail, you can boost your chances of getting reviews. After all, it’s likely that the goodwill you generated through your earlier automated emails will encourage them to accept when you urge them to share their experience with your moving company on popular review sites like Yelp or Google. Or maybe even your own site’s review section! Wherever they choose to leave a review, it will be immensely helpful to you.

With our guide on the benefits of automated email campaigns for moving companies, you should now understand why they are important. Similarly, following our guide, you’ll be able to generate the most significant benefits you can! This, in turn, will make it easier to grow your customer base and improve your moving business further.