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Advantages of having live chat on your website

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Many websites that offer services or products to their visitors have included live chat support in their websites. It has become an essential part of business websites, and the way entrepreneurs communicate with their customers. However, most of the business owners are not aware of all the benefits these live chats can provide. So, to use this feature better, we made a list of essential advantages of having live chat on your website you should definitely check out.

Live chat helps you improve customer loyalty

When addressing the issues of your customers, you show that you care about their satisfaction and value the feedback. Among email and phone support, live chats have proven to bring the most joy to the customers. They are also one of the PR trends movers should implement in 2019. Live chat on your website gives instant answers to all of your customer’s questions and increases the loyalty levels many times. So, making your company more available to the customers builds trust between you and them and increases the number of returning clients.

colleagues doing a hand bump
Better support builds trust with your customers – another reason to use live chat on your website.

Having live chat on your website reduces costs

If you included phone support to your website, you should know that having live chat on your website is much cheaper. Phone calls include toll charges as well as paying someone per hour. Live chats don’t require an extra person to sit next to a phone – one of the already present employees can multitask and answer the customers’ questions. Different teams can deal with inquiries related to their field of work, which makes the answers more professional and competent.

a phone handset on a white background
Phone calls have proven to be more expensive than having a live chat on your website – so why use them?

Resolving the issues promptly

Live chats on your website give you the chance to be faster in solving the problems of your customers. This way, you’ll reduce the number of unresolved questions much quicker, and at the same time minimizing the amount of unsatisfied customers. This feature is one of the ways to boost user experience and make them come back and recommend your business to others.

Need to increase sales? Include live chat on your website!

Websites that have features of live chat have shown an increase in sales by 20%. The reason for that that potential buyers often give up from purchases if they don’t understand all of the product information. By having a live chat on your website, you’ll provide the website visitors with all they need to know, and ‘make them’ buy a product or service. For example, when talking about a moving company website design, customers will have additional questions about fees, available moving dates, or further questions about services. Live chats give you a chance to tell everything you didn’t write on the website, and help you maintain a trustworthy image is as a mover. This way, customers will decide on using your services much easier so you’ll see an increase in sales very soon. Furthermore, satisfied customers will recommend your services, so you can also attract other potential customers.

Increasing sales is not only focusing on your current customers and offering them services again and again. It’s about attracting new users to your website, so be sure to learn how to increase customer base and get more potential users of your moving services.

Be better than others in the moving business

Even though we see live chats very often, it’s still a low number of websites that use them. Actually, less than 10% of websites use the features of live chat. Therefore, if you want to beat the competition in the moving business, be sure to add live chat on your website. You’ll let your customer know that you are eager to address all of their issues and do some additional explanation about your services – which is not what all the moving companies do. You’ll prove your company to be more caring and trustworthy than the competition, leading to increased sales and customer base.

Improve your services and reduce the number of pain points

The feature of live chat on your website gives you the chance to understand what are the customers’ problems – their pain points. Since live chats offer you the option to access the history of the chats (unlike phone calls), you can access the unresolved customer’s issues later on. This way, you will reduce the number of pain points of your customers and become a more reliable moving company. Furthermore, you can use the information to improve the way you deliver your moving services and solve their issues.

A woman suing a live chat on your website.
Chatting with your customers even if you’re not there – the perfect way to make them stay on your website.

Help your customers even if you are not available

Live chat allows you to answer the customer’s questions even when no one is around to do it. It’s easy to do it by using customized messages and automated bots. These features have been improved nowadays, so they can give helpful answers and help customers reach pages they can’t find. That saves you a lot of time and improves the customers’ experience. Be sure to learn what are the other examples of business improvement software that can help you utilize your website the best way possible.

Live chats are much simpler than forms

Yes, a lot of websites use forms to communicate with customers. However, as everything else has changed regarding the website and internet game, that’s how live chats are slowly replacing forms. So, you should definitely add live chat to your website and focus more on solving their issues. Forms are an impersonal way to communicate with users. They focus more on making the email list longer rather than helping the customers. That’s why live chat software solutions the best way to help them – it’s fast, and it’s useful.

There are many ways how adding live chat to your website can improve your position in the moving business. These are the small steps you should include in your business plan. However, they provide you with many benefits and give you an advantage over the other companies in the business.