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The pros and cons of IT outsourcing for movers

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Businesses need to constantly search for new ways to reduce their operational costs while improving their productivity and performance. Professional movers looking for new ways to establish an online presence need to look beyond simply advertising their moving company through various channels. Instead, you need to also consider the appeal of implementing technological innovation and software in your everyday efforts to generate leads and schedule moving jobs. In this article, we discuss the appeal of IT outsourcing for movers in comparison with having in-house IT support. Keep reading to learn more.

Pros of IT outsourcing for movers

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What are the upsides of turning to third-party IT service providers

#1: External knowledge and experience

When you have an in-house IT team to support your website, you are limited to their own knowledge and experience. And this can cause delays when you encounter issues or obstacles that they have no past experience with. IT outsourcing can provide moving companies with a wider scope of solutions, and more experience when it comes to dealing with unexpected moving company website issues. After all, such companies tend to constantly invest in new ways to build and develop the performance of their website and other software that can make life easier for customers.

#2: Adaptable work schedule

Having an in-house team of web design specialists means fixed working hours and schedules, unless you want to waste additional resources on paying for overtime work, hiring additional staff, etc. Outsourcing your IT needs to a third-party agency can provide you with 24/7 availability and fast response to resolving the issues you come across. With modern consumerism and technological advancements, timing and responsiveness play a key role in maintaining authority and competitiveness in your industry.

#3: Security benefits

Given the knowledge and familiarity with on-going trends in the IT world, a strategic IT partner will be better apt to recommend the most adequate solutions for your moving business. They understand the current scope of offers when it comes to meeting user experience standards and ensuring the security of your website.

In-house IT teams are rarely able to maintain a 24/7 overwatch of your company assets for any potential threats or issues. And securing your website can prove crucial in building long-term trust with customers and avoiding any loss of moving leads to system glitches. All this will only result in increased productivity and revenue for your moving company due to the high performance of your website and other IT assets.

#4: Emergency response

IT issues can happen due to unplanned circumstances. Whether your SSL certificate expires, your hosting provider experiences issues or your website goes down, you need to have a contingency in place. More often than not, an in-house IT team won’t be able to act in the middle of the night, during the weekend, or on a national holiday. On the other hand, IT outsourcing removes such concerns because you will have a team that will be able to effectively respond to emergencies.

If not handled correctly, you risk losing hours of downtime and a lot of data, in addition to the devaluation of your website and drop in revenue. And if this should incur any legal issues, the financial penalties could set your business back a lot. Having a third-party team of IT specialists on stand-by can make sure that all your bases are covered, and reduce any afore-mentioned risks to a minimum.

#5: Predictable cost and billing

Although having an in-house team might seem predictable in terms of billing, the truth is that you need to manage it a lot more. Turnovers, vacations, sick-leave – all these are just some of the variables that can influence the expenses of having an in-house team. Additionally, in-house IT teams are more focused on maintaining current systems and operations than working on upgrading them through proactive solutions. IT outsourcing brings moving companies a chance to get a professional consultation with experienced IT agencies that can offer tailored solutions. And in most cases, it comes down to a fixed subscription plan or a billing-per-user type of system.

#6: IT outsourcing CAN lower operational costs

Having an in-house IT team with monthly salaries is challenging enough. When you add to that the expenses of training, health insurance, employment taxes, it all adds up in time. With IT outsourcing, movers can completely eliminate these additional expenses from the equation. With a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plan, you don’t need to worry about salaries.

Investing in your IT department is certainly a smart business plan for movers, but it is also something you should approach strategically. Choosing a third-party IT agency can offer you the foundation for building your own in-house team later once your company becomes established and profitable enough to expand.

#7: Maintain singular role devotion within your company

It’s not uncommon for local and small companies to rely on one person to handle multiple roles, one of which involving IT support. As a result, functionality is spread wide and thin, resulting in loss of productivity. By outsourcing your IT needs or moving company SEO efforts, or any other function that you currently don’t have a specialist for, you can boost your overall performance. Additionally, it will put less stress on your employees, improving morale, and leaving more time to work on self-improvement and additional training.

Cons of IT outsourcing for movers

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Even outsourcing IT has its downsides.

#1: Onboarding costs

Third-party companies have their own standards and requirements when taking on clients. Going to a professional marketing company and expecting to appear on local search results without having done any on-page or off-page optimization in the past won’t happen as easily. They will insist on redesigning your website, optimizing it, creating a GMB account for your moving company, investing in keyword research, link building, content creation, etc.

The same applies when it comes to IT agencies. If you have outdated moving company software and equipment, they will certainly insist on changing that. That initial onboarding process to match the standards that the IT company uses might end up costing you. However, considering that you would’ve been forced to go about doing that makeover sooner or later, it is not something that would make much of a difference. In fact, it will only speed up your moving company development process.

#2: Unsatisfactory service providers

IT outsourcing for movers doesn’t carry with it a guarantee of success and profit. A lot will depend on your choice of IT service providers. After all, the tech industry is a highly competitive one, with countless companies that offer their services, good or bad. That is why you need to take all the precautions necessary to avoid low-quality of fraudulent IT support:

  • Do your homework and research dozens of companies.
  • Go through the reviews and testimonials for that company.
  • Schedule a consultation or request an audit of your website before making your decision.
  • Discuss the terms of hiring that specific IT company
  • Make sure to draw up a contract, where all the expectations and terms are clearly stated.

#3: Shared support

Having an in-house IT person right across the hall might be more convenient in terms of communicating urgent issues or requests, but it is not always effective. On the other hand, IT outsourcing for movers can bring a very organized approach to any potential issues with an established ticket system, which most IT support companies tend to use.

The issue here is the fact that you are not the only client, and tickets tend to be resolved bases on order and level of urgency. As a result, you might come across a delay in getting a resolution to your issue if it is a minor one and your IT service provider has a plethora of other requests from clients.

#4: Remote work

Local businesses or smaller businesses tend to be more comfortable with a hands-on approach to tasks. Therefore, having to rely on a remote IT service provider can be a difficult adjustment for companies. However, with the ever-growing tech advancements today, remote working condition can deliver the same level of quality as on-site technicians.

Moving business growth & brand development is dependent on technology

IT outsourcing for movers is a cost-effective strategic decision that can help you save time and ensure a more proactive long-term productivity for your business. As a B2B business, Movers Development understands just how valuable an asset it can be to rely on other companies to help your moving business grow. Contact our team today to learn more about how outsourcing certain activities can help your online presence.