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The importance of creating a content strategy

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A lot of moving businesses out there don’t bother to craft a proper content strategy before getting a blog set up. After all, it can seem like a waste of time and resources when ‘all’ you have to do is come up with interesting blog posts. However, the importance of creating a content strategy makes this a huge mistake.

A proper content strategy is effective

The importance of creating a content strategy shines through when comparing just how effective it is at targeting your preferred audience when compared to just writing content and hoping for the best. After all, the entire point of hosting content on your site is to attract potential customers your way. Content guarantees a relatively stable stream of organic lead generation. But, it is only useful if it properly aligns with your own goals and interests.

For example, it would be useless for your moving company to post content that would appeal to people looking to learn about a renovation. Unless, of course, you can properly leverage the subject to point out the importance of moving services and recommend your own company.

A content strategy guarantees attractive content

Planning content
Planning content posts becomes much easier with a strategy.

Creating a content strategy also requires you to properly research the currently popular topics so you can best leverage them. This means that, with the support of a content strategy, you can guarantee that you won’t waste time on writing or hiring bloggers to write about topics audiences are currently not interested in. Do not think that you can afford to just write about anything.

If you write about topics that are currently not popular, you can stand out. But you would also be drawing in a very limited crowd. On the other hand, writing about some of the most popular topics would also not bear the best results. The increased volume of articles and blog posts means that it would be difficult for readers to find yours in particular. Of course, you can use different ways to advertise a business, like posting on social media, to draw attention.

Content can synergize with SEO

Another reason why creating a content strategy is important is because of the way content interacts with SEO. SEO for moving companies takes a lot of care and planning. You cannot just carelessly pick out keywords and mess with others aspects of it. So, if you are just making content and posting it on your site, it can do a ton of damage to your SEO rankings. Which would make it much harder for people to organically come across your websites through Google recommendations.

On the other hand, a content strategy accounts for the topics you need to post about. Even the keywords they would use, and their impact on your SEO. Approaching content the right way, instead of it being detrimental, can be one of the greatest ways for you to improve your SEO.

A content strategy works as a quality check

If you are putting a proper content strategy into play, then there would naturally be some quality checks put into place. Not least because bad content would also harm SEO. Of course, you do not need to immediately be a professional content writer. But, paying attention to proper grammar, word use, sentence construction and other aspects of writing becomes a lot more important and standardized. You could, of course, prioritize volume over quality in your content strategy. Still, this is an extremely bad idea and is likely to hurt your site’s legitimacy as well as ruin your reader’s interest. It should be noted that your quality check also needs to cover plagiarism testing. To be flagged for plagiarism can hurt a business immensely. So make absolutely sure the content you accept has not been stolen from other sites.

A content strategy boosts marketing

Reading a blog
People are always happy to read good content even if they don’t need your services.

You can work wonders by combining your marketing and content creation. Content is, on its own, a great venue to subtly promote your moving business and its services. However, digital marketing for movers works even better when it has content to fall back on. As we mentioned before linking content on social media is definitely one of the things you must do.

In addition to this, you can cooperate with other blogs, companies, and even content creators. You can let other companies backlink to your site and do the same. Offering blogs with little content to repost some of your own with proper credentials and link back is great if you believe they will make it big. And getting featured by a popular content creator is an instant boost in brand recognition and visibility.

It is easier to make content with a strategy

We touched upon guaranteeing content popularity before. However, it is also important to mention how hard it can be to come up with new content topics. Unless you are constantly inspired to write, there’ll come a time when you struggle to come up with a topic. So, it helps immensely that a proper content strategy will, to an extent, dictate what topics you should cover. Of course, you can occasionally come up with a surprising blog post or two. But it is far better to stick to what your content strategy dictates!

With a content strategy, you can set and track goals

setting content goals
By setting content strategy goals, you have something to strive for.

The final reason to put effort into creating a content strategy is that it allows you to set clear-cut goals and track how well you’re hitting them. Website marketing analysis lets you rather easily gauge the success of your marketing. But the effectiveness of content is a lot harder to pin down without putting in the extra work that a content strategy requires. Of course, there will be some overlap between marketing and content results. But you should still be able to spot the differences by referencing the number of page visitors on your blog.

Final comment

We hope that we’ve managed to convince you of the importance of creating a content strategy. With it, your business will have a much easier time expanding and finding new customers. On the other hand, if you refuse to set up a proper content strategy, you could be losing a ton of money and resources for absolutely no return.