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How to construct effective Ad campaigns

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One of the hardest obstacles most people find when diving into Pay Per Click is navigating through the interfaces. After all, with so many elements and tactics to consider, it can all be quite overwhelming. Handling the brand bidding strategies, matching the keywords while eliminating the negative ones, learning how to construct effective Ad campaigns… It all requires a strategic and creative mindset of an experienced PPC specialist. And we can help you get one step closer to that.

5 steps to construct effective Ad campaigns

It’s not enough to just invest in great PPC keyword research and hope that will carry you to the finish line. You need to make sure that each and every Ad campaign you create is as (if not more) effective as the previous ones. Challenging as this might seem, it is possible. All it takes are decisions based on goals, target base and the keywords you choose.

So, to make the entire process easier on you, we’ve prepared 5 simple steps to lead you to construct effective Ad campaigns. Although the prime example here will be Google Ads, know that the same guidelines apply to all other Ad campaigns.

1. Determine your company goals

This is one of the most common mistakes marketers tend to make. After all, they want to make a sale, but they often tend to neglect to focus on a certain goal. And with moving companies, this is simple – you want to sell your services. And Google Ads follows this logic – given that its goal is to ensure conversions. So, focus your efforts on specific goals and you will have a clear path to follow.

AdWords on cubes.
Define your goals before you start making the framework.

2. Make sure to define your target audience to construct effective Ad campaigns

Arguably, the crucial part of any marketing process. In order to conquer an audience, you first have to understand that audience. This is common sense. And to achieve this, you need to:

  1. Define the keywords that are most important to them
  2. Create content that speaks to them and calls them to action

Before all else, you need to understand who your audience is

The deeper you get into the mindset of your potential customers, the better off you will be in your goal to sell your services. You have to understand who your customers are, and what their specific needs might be. Otherwise, how can you hope to answer them?

And once you have that answer, you will be in the perfect position to target your content to them. And this is something you want in your movers’ SEO efforts. You need to segment your audience, servicing to it as much as possible. So, make sure that you fully understand how each potential buyer is going to be interacting with your services.

3. Map out your audience needs and target each aspect

Once you learn about who you are selling to, it’s time to understand when and how much to sell them. In order to accomplish this, you have mapped out your customer base and make a strategy for how best to answer all their potential needs. The better you manage to map out the needs and pressure points of your target audience, the easier it will be to answer them.

Person pointing to a digital map, connected with blue dots and lines.
Learn how to map out the needs of your audience to construct effective Ad campaigns.

4. Take your time when choosing the keywords to follow

Once you’ve identified your target audience and their needs, the next step towards fulfilling your goals is defining the keywords to rank for. Once you transform your audience needs into words that they search for, it’s just a matter of going that extra mile to construct effective Ad campaigns around them.

The wider the range of your Ad groups is, the more you will be able to test and accomplish. So, make sure to focus your keyword research on search terms with high search volume and medium-low competition. The cheaper and lower you manage to find, the better.

5. Invest the time and energy into crafting the ideal copy for your Ad campaigns

Even the best information about your target audience and their needs will do you little good unless you find the right words to express it all. Doing the research and making the strategy is only half the job. Then, there’s the matter of creating the best possible copy. This is that last crucial step that you need to construct effective Ad campaigns. So, if you’ve followed the previous four steps, you will be able to focus your efforts into creating the perfect copy. Doing this might require 3rd party assistance, so consider consulting:

Person typing for help to construct effective Ad campaigns.
Asking for 3rd party help is sometimes the best decision you can make.
  • Professional SEO copywriters with PPC knowledge
  • PPC experts with experience needed to construct effective Ad campaigns
  • Companies that offer digital marketing expertise and services

When planning your content strategy, consider the point you want to make. Think about the specific needs that you want to answer for your target audience. Remember – the copy is the step that will translate that selection of target keywords to your choice of audience. If you are lacking the ideas on how best to approach this, consider competitive research. After all, if you see something working for others, there are no reasons it won’t work for you as well.

Research companies that use similar keywords to your own and start experimenting. Highlight different tactics, re-phrase Ad campaigns, find clearer ways to express your services, use site extensions etc. Improvise until you see results. Nothing ever comes from sitting and waiting.


As a professional digital marketing company, Movers Development has had its fair share of successful and not so successful Ad campaigns. So, we have a general idea of what it takes to create high-converting, audience-based ads. And we can confirm that as long as you follow the 5 steps we covered today, you will lay the groundwork for effective Ad campaigns. Of course, you can always rely on us to help you uncover the best framework for answering the needs of your audience, increase your CTR and conversion rate.