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The 5 biggest challenges of offering interstate moving

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As a moving company, your goal is to provide full service to your clients. The quality should always be high, and everything should be done within the arranged schedule. Nevertheless, organizing a relocation is accompanied with a lot of challenges. Especially if we talk about interstate moving. To successfully meet and exceed the expectations of your clients, it is crucial to talk about the 5 biggest challenges of offering interstate moving.

Interstate moving – the definition

A lot of people are confused with the term “interstate moving”. It may sound like moving within the state’s borders. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Interstate moving includes any relocation where you have to cross the state’s borders.

We can safely say that all interstate moves are by default long-distance relocations. According to the relocation industry statistics, interstate moving is one of the most sought after services.

The 5 biggest challenges of offering interstate moving

So, what are the challenges of offering interstate moving? There are many, but the 5 biggest ones are:

  1. weather conditions
  2. possible vehicle issues
  3. keeping up with the schedule
  4. the size of the move
  5. coming to an agreement about the price

Let’s see how these factors may have an effect on interstate relocation.

1. Weather conditions

We all like nice weather, right? Well, movers are not different than us. A bright, shiny day, no clouds on the sky, and dry roads, not too hot temperature, that is the perfect combination. However, it is almost impossible to get these conditions.

When it comes to interstate relocation, you have to think about the distance. If you are crossing from one state to another, or even across multiple states, the weather will change.

A traffic jam on a snowy road.
Traffic jams are common during bad weather, and they can cause massive delays.

Things can get even more challenging during a rainy season, or during winter. When it’s raining or snowing, the traffic slows down.

In cases like these, an interstate move can really take a turn for the worse.

2. Possible vehicle issues

As you already realized, keeping your vehicles in a proper condition requires regular maintenance. Whether you are providing renting services, or you have your employees driving the truck, possible vehicle issues are always a problem.

When it comes to interstate relocation, a vehicle malfunctioning is a serious setback. First of all, if you are renting a truck to the customer, you are jeopardizing your reputation. They might get stuck in the middle of the road. Then, the customer has to emergency roadside assistance. It may take for an hour or more for them to show up, and fix the issue.

Furthermore, if the truck cannot be fixed on the spot, that is even worse. You have to send another truck with people, and reload all belongings.

Another side of this issue is customer safety. Any malfunctioning with a vehicle may result in an injury, or worse.

That is why it is so important to conduct regular maintenance checkups. Furthermore, it is also a good practice to have a backup plan. Having a resolution in the case of an emergency is a smart move. If your clients understand that issues might happen, you must show them the solution.

It is essential to inform your clients what are your resolutions for problems like this one.

3. Keeping up with the schedule

The third one on our list of the 5 biggest challenges of offering interstate move is time management. Keeping up with the arranged schedule is always a tricky task.

Interstate relocation takes a lot of time even when there are no issues. If you add bad weather conditions and vehicle malfunctioning to the equation, you will have a problem.

A clock on a table.
Keeping up with the schedule may be one of the toughest challenges of offering interstate moving.

Customers struggle with time during relocation. Packing, organizing, selling the old house and buying a new one. There is a lot of stress and pressure on all sides. With that in mind, if there is one thing for them to rely on, it is the movers they pick. They are putting their trust in you.

Still, sometimes it is just not possible to keep up with the schedule. Nevertheless, you should always keep your customers informed. They might feel relieved if they see that you are doing everything you can to deliver. Delays are sometimes unavoidable, and they will understand that.

A smart move is to always account for possible issues that will cause delays, and inform your clients. It is better if they get an approximate deadline.

4. The size of the move

The bigger the size of the move is, the more challenging it becomes. It is easier to handle the challenges of offering interstate moving if you have the exact estimate. An excellent option for all movers is the online moving quote calculator.

Furthermore, bigger relocations cost more, and that is what we will cover in the next step.

5. Coming to an agreement about the price

All movers have set prices, that is true. However, sometimes clients like to bargain. While everyone could need the services of moving companies, not everyone can afford them.

A sign for special offer.
Special offers for long interstate moves are a good way to attract customers.

Of course, I am not talking about discounting your services for no good reason. However, sometimes it is more important to leave a good impression on your clients. Prices for an interstate move should not be set in stone.

The conclusion

Hopefully, this short and information-packed article about the 5 biggest challenges of offering interstate moving is all that you need. Knowing what these challenges are will help you in dealing with them in the long run. If you have a different experience, please share it! Your customer’s needs are always in the first place!