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Items moving companies refuse to relocate

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When it comes to relocation, there are plenty of common items moving companies refuse to relocate. It is crucial to get familiar with these items. First of all, it will be easier to organize a safe and fast move. Furthermore, you will avoid any unpleasant situations that may occur. With that in mind, the goal of this article is to cover what those items are, and why they are not so popular when it comes to moving a household or office.

Common items moving companies refuse to relocate

According to the moving statistics, the most common items moving companies refuse to relocate are:

  • hazardous materials
  • explosives
  • fuel-based power equipment
  • corrosive items
  • flammable items
  • plants
  • perishable food
  • valuables
  • special category items

Let’s see why movers won’t have anything with moving these items!

Hazardous materials

Most of these items will be connected with safety. And, when it comes to safety, everyone looks at items from a different angle. Something that you might think is perfectly safe can be categorized as a hazardous material. For example, paint or paint thinners, batteries, fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, etc.

Truck next to a plant
Flammable, hazardous, or corrosive and explosive items are on the list of items moving companies refuse to relocate.

Movers are usually required to provide a list of items they won’t move. However, as a general rule of thumb, anything that you cannot dispose of in a regular trash bin or ship to another relocation will probably fall under this category.


It goes without saying, but one of the items moving companies refuse to relocate is any type of explosives. Even if you collected some souvenirs, movers will not move them. With that in mind, items like the primer, ammunition, black powder, etc. are out of question.

Fuel-based power equipment

When using the relocation cost calculator, people usually count all their belongings to calculate the price. However, when it comes to fuel-based power equipment, you should think twice before doing so. Movers will only move power equipment under one condition – if there is no fuel in them. With that in mind, if you wish to have movers move a motorcycle or a lawn mover, make sure to remove the fuel. Or, run the machines to spend it. However, that must be done at least 24 hours before the relocation.

Corrosive items

Corrosive items like different types of acids or batteries are also under a category of items moving companies refuse to relocate. If you wish to relocate batteries, you must make sure that they are the unspillable gel-type.

Flammable items

Items like charcoal, kerosene, paint remover, lighter fluid, etc. are out of the question. The safety of the people could be seriously jeopardized during the move. It is highly advised that all flammable items should be safely discarded before the relocation.


Why would movers refuse to move plants? This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but it is true. When talking about why movers will not relocate plants, there are a couple of angles to look at.

House plants
Moving plants is not only something that movers will refuse to relocate over long distances, but it is also against the law if you don’t have permission.

First of all, all plants have their region of origin. Furthermore, you will need permission to move a plant more than 150 miles from the place of origin. Otherwise, it is illegal to do so. Plants may have parasites or pests on them. If you move them too far away, you are endangering other locations by introducing new types of parasites. In this way, you are making dangerous changes in the eco-system of the Earth.

If you have plants and you cannot move them, give them to friends or family who are willing to take them.

Perishable food

Movers will also refuse to move any food that can spoil. So, perishable food, frozen food, or open containers are not something you should try to relocate.

When it comes to moving, it is smart to think about how to prepare food for the road. It goes without saying that you should eat or throw away anything that you cannot bring with you. Nevertheless, everyone should learn how to prepare food for relocation. The health and safety are at stake.


Moving valuables by using a moving company really does not make any sense. While it is not something that a company might refuse to relocate, there are other issues with it. It happens many times that some items may damage during relocation. In the worst-case scenario, there even might be a case of burglary.

Ring and pearl necklase
Even though valuables like cash and jewelry are not something that movers will not move, it is not advised to pack them in a moving truck.

Bringing cash, jewelry, or important documents in a moving van goes against common sense. It is always advised that any valuables stay close to the members of the family, with their other personal possessions.

Special category items

When organizing a move, a lot of people are using an online moving quote calculator. It is the best way to calculate the cost of the move, and have an estimate of the cost. However, always check if there are any special items moving companies refuse to relocate. Something that is not a part of the regular list, but still goes under this category. If you fail to check that, you might get a wrong estimate.

In most cases, this category includes heavy items or something that requires a disassembly process. For example, cars, pianos, a pool table or a jacuzzi might be the case. That is why there are so many specialized services that only deal with these special situations.

Items relocation made easy

Hopefully, this article clears out everything about common items moving companies refuse to relocate. It is useful to know this information because the entire relocation process will be easier. Furthermore, all of the unpleasant situations will be avoided. I also suggest checking online and find out more information, as these categories might differ from company to company.