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Why are SEO results for start-ups slow

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It’s not uncommon for start-ups to have problems with SEO. So, if you are wondering why are SEO results for start-ups slow, exactly, we are here with answers! And our guide will help you overcome this issue as well!

SEO takes time and dedication

Before we get further into why SEO results for start-ups are slow, there is one important message: SEO is slow. It takes time, work, and dedication to properly do SEO for moving companies. You will likely not see actual results for several months after you actively start working on your SEO. Here, the owner of a start-up might ask: but why do their new SEO projects take effect faster than ours? The answer is simple: established businesses have already set up their SEO pipeline. They already have everything they need and a ready audience to boost their SEO results. This takes time to build and isn’t something to take for granted.

Offloading your SEO on contractors

There’s nothing generally wrong with leaving your SEO to a contractor. However, a potential reason for slow SEO results for start-ups is hiring the wrong people. There are tons of fake SEO experts out there and companies that guarantee fast results. This is never true, and even if they can show ‘results’ through supposed high keyword ranking, this doesn’t mean the results are helpful. These scamming SEO companies work by artificially boosting your order with one or two irrelevant and inadequate keywords using Black Hat SEO, a highly harmful way of doing SEO in the first place. This will slow down every other SEO improvement effort you might make and can take time to undo.

researching contractors
Research any potential SEO experts before hiring them!

A wrong approach to your ideal audience

When running a start-up, it’s not uncommon to have aspects of doing business you haven’t figured out yet. And one such problem is frequently the ‘ideal audience’ for your business. Moving companies must consider this carefully since not everyone will find your services appealing. For your SEO to work as intended, it needs to be ‘aimed’ at the right audience. Your keywords, after all, are only relevant if people look them up. So, if you are wondering why SEO results for start-ups are slow, start by reexamining the audience you aim to attract.

Lacking an understanding of keywords

The first thing anyone associated with SEO is keywords, for better or worse. And unfortunately, start-ups rarely have a solid understanding of the past, knowing they need to use them. The most important thing to remember is that your keywords need to be organic. In other words, phrases that people are likely to look up. Here’s an example: instead of ‘movers long-distance New York,’ use ‘long-distance movers New York’. Yes, a small change, but it matches up to many more Google searches than the former! Which, in turn, pushes your SEO forward faster.

Fierce competition in the field

Another thing that makes SEO results for start-ups slow is competition. As in everything else, for your SEO to perform better, it needs to be of higher quality than the SEO of your competition. Unfortunately, as a start-up, you are fighting over keyword rankings and SEO results with companies that are older and much better set up. If they have solid and loyal customer bases, you are already on the back foot. Couple that with these companies’ strong SEO pipelines, and you will need enough time to establish yourself and your SEO before you can challenge them.

Disregarding some SEO aspects

We already mentioned how many people think about keywords first and foremost. However, you need to remember that SEO is more than just this! It is also the technical aspects of your site that Google accounts for in its SEO rankings. This can slow SEO results for start-ups since they focus more on ‘external’ SEO rather than touching up their site first. If your site has long loading times, frequent downtimes, and customers even encounter error codes frequently, don’t bother with keywords and all that other stuff. First, hire someone to fix your site, or your SEO will never improve!

Ensure the quality of your site first and foremost!

Lack of serious content

Content is your best friend when you are trying to improve your SEO. Especially as a moving company, since there are few other things, you can use to ensure customer base loyalty. The content is your best bet if you want to advertise a moving company to previous customers. And it is a lack of decent content that makes SEO results for start-ups slow. Content is also cheap to work on compared to other SEO improvement options since you can make it yourself.

Failure to take advantage of all opportunities

Something that start-ups often miss out on taking full advantage of their opportunities to improve their SEO. Sure, there’s digital marketing for moving companies and keywords. However, the following are frequently more helpful: social media and reviews. Both your social media accounts and your review pages contribute to your SEO. The content you post on them, the replies you offer to reviews, and your interactions with your customers all influence SEO. And, just like content, they are free if you do them yourself! So they don’t even increase the expenses of a start-up.

Good review score
Of course, good reviews are more beneficial.

No backlinking network

The final thing that makes SEO results for start-ups slow is a lack of backlinking. Backlinking is posting links to other businesses on your site and getting other sites to post links to your own. Backlinks are not just useful for SEO but also as an approach to how to generate moving leads. Note, however, that one of the ways this benefits your SEO is by ‘linking’ the SEO ranking of the other sites to your own. Meaning if they have good SEO, yours improves automatically too. But the opposite is also true, and if they have lousy SEO, it’ll hurt your ranking! So, choose who you backlink with carefully.

The final answer to the burning question of start-up SEO

So, why are SEO results for start-ups slow? Because start-ups frequently have a skewed perspective of what’s important and haven’t had the time to build a proper SEO setup. Time and a careful approach will fix both of these problems right up. Especially the latter, since a good SEO approach yield results much faster and more reliably.