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Unconventional ways to generate traffic

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We can all agree that the success of your website can be a crucial influence in business today. And a large part of that success depends on the amount of traffic that you manage to drive towards your website. Although a simple concept, in theory, driving online traffic is much more challenging in reality. With such a high number of existing websites (one that keeps growing), it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out. This is why developing moving companies need a proper course of action (or several of them) to succeed in this endeavor. And once you explore all the conventional ways of pursuing traffic generation, the only option left is turning to unconventional ways to generate traffic. This is what we are discussing today.

The importance of innovation in lead and traffic generation

As we mentioned, there are plenty of conventional tools that you can to increase your website traffic tenfold. However, at a certain point you will run out of those options and will be forced to look for other solutions. Why? Because the expansion of your moving business, brand, and revenue largely depends on the leads you generate on your website. And for those leads to come, your website has to be noticed, which can be accomplished through online traffic. Are we on track so far? Good.

Businesswoman holding an Innovation schematic.
One should never underestimate the importance and effectiveness of innovation.

Now, SEO for movers and any other highly-competitive niches is largely dependent on the use of innovation and thinking outside the box. Thus, the general rule we try to follow and advise clients to do is to adapt to the situation always. Once you exploit all standard means of generating traffic to your website, time to take the next step. Start looking into unconventional ways to generate traffic.

Top 4 unconventional ways to generate traffic

We know how much time and energy it takes to research or thinks of unconventional ways to increase your traffic flow. So, we decided to shorten the entire process for you with some brainstorming. Here is our take of four unconventional examples for generating traffic:

#1: Guest Podcasting

Yes, there is a large number of people listening to podcasts today. In fact, the most recent annual study that Edison Research conducted identified that a total of 32 percent of Americans aged 25-54 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. The thing with podcasters is that they need and are always on the lookout for sponsors. This is simply the way it works – you sponsor or donate a certain amount of funds to a podcast and earn promotion for your company.

Close-up of a microphone.
Podcasting has always been a popular notion among unconventional ways to generate traffic.

And this can pretty much apply to any niche. As long as you have services or products to promote, a podcast will do the trick. As a business-owner and moving industry professional, there is plenty of knowledge you have to share with others. So, an interview on-the-air is a perfectly legitimate and logical step in terms of unconventional ways to generate traffic for your business.

#2: High Bounce Rate – cause and effect

It might seem conventional but most people tend to disregard the impact a high bounce rate can have on traffic online. In fact, it is probably the best source of ideas when it comes to boosting your online traffics prospects in a way that should be textbook conventional. However, it isn’t, which is why it is on our list of unconventional ways to generate traffic.

For those of you not familiar with the term, the bounce rate represent the percentage of people that will leave your website moments after they arrive. This means that a particular page has issues that need solving. In addition to costing you precious amounts of traffic, a high bounce rate is a big NO for movers SEO efforts. And the potential reasons for it are plentiful:

  • Loading page speed (too slow)
  • Bad content (irrelevant or confusing)
  • Page design (unappealing or flawed) etc.

You have to consider all these elements and fix them to secure new website traffic.

#3: Re-purposing your content

Increasing the amount of relevant content on your website is a very beneficial and neglected tool for improving traffic. After all, what people expect to find on your website is the information they originally set out to find. However, the more they find in relations to that, the better. This is why you constantly need to add to your content. You need to re-target with:

  • New keywords
  • Additional content on top of existing content
  • Updated original content
  • Focus on other niches and industries
  • Promotions via social media and other marketing channels etc.
Project with a maze in the middle of the word.
Sometimes, finding new ways to use old approaches can make a great difference.

Any of these might seem like unconventional ways to generate traffic when they are in fact commonly used. So, the next step to take here is to go through your content and explore where there is room for improvement. Sometimes this will happen in the form of a post, other times in the form of video. You never know what might come to mind – but your focus should be complete optimization of your content strategy.

#4: The appeal of forums

Comprehension of the influence forums can have can be quite beneficial in terms of unconventional ways to generate traffic for your website. This is why we advise taking the time to explore and utilize this source of traffic. No matter which type of industry you operate in, there is bound to be at least one or two forums that will cover the topics you do. And brands that catch hold of this can benefit from it.

All it takes is to carefully integrate your company inside these online communities and offer real value to the members. As a result, you could gain a sufficient amount of organic promotion, which can easily generate the additional traffic you’re looking for.

Time to get down to work

The number of conventional and unconventional ways to generate traffic for your website is high. However, it is only by having the right approach to any of these methods that you can see any results from them. So, once you familiarize yourself with the basics, you need to keep pushing forward and explore every detail of each strategy. Only then will you be able to produce real traffic for your website.