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Top Facebook advertising tips for service businesses

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Whether we’re discussing organic advertising or paid ads, Facebook has certainly become a cornerstone among social media networks that industries use for digital marketing purposes. Despite product-oriented businesses being the primary link to Facebook, service businesses have also established a strong presence on Facebook. However, with so many social media tactics available to moving companies, one has to tread carefully in choosing the optimal strategy. Join Movers Development as we explore some of the best Facebook advertising tips for service businesses such as yours!

Five advertising approaches for service businesses to try on Facebook

Hand pressing the FB login button on iPad
Advertising your service business on Facebook can bring in a lot of valuable traffic.

Facebook is a social media platform that has definitely demonstrated its importance among digital marketing solutions over the years. With service-oriented businesses, it has proven to be a high-performance option for emergency services such as plumbers, doctors, vets, HVAC repairs, electricians, etc. However, moving services are rarely looked on as emergency services with the exception of same day moving needs.

However, this doesn’t mean that Facebook can’t be a driving way to advertise your business online. In fact, the following Facebook advertising tips for service businesses should be more than practical for helping you generate more leads from social media:

1. Make a strong case for your potential customers

Unlike with products, the buying decision of customers with service businesses tends to be longer. Consumers today search for trust, quality, and comfort when searching for services. That is why they tend to go through multiple service businesses and reviews before coming to a decision. And so, simply having a well-placed paid ad on Facebook won’t get your moving company so long as you don’t have a strong website and brand name to stand behind it.

This is where the implementation of moving company SEO comes into play, giving companies the well-deserved rankings and value customers search for. By creating a strong online presence through engaging content and responsive web design, a moving company can grow its brand and establish authority in the eyes of potential customers. So, always take the decision-making process of your target audience into consideration, and tailor your advertising efforts to tackle those questions:

  • What is the extent of your services?
  • What makes your services stand out from the competition?
  • How do others rate your services and their experiences with your company?
  • What is the story your brand conveys?

2. Keep your Facebook page active and up-to-date

Organic advertising on Facebook might no longer be as effective as it once used to be, but the overall quality of your business page on Facebook still matters. After all, the paid Facebook ads you invest in will ultimately lead users to your Facebook page. And the last you want for them to see there are outdated posts, lack of responsiveness, and/or negative reviews.

Much like your moving company website, your Facebook page is the showcase of your business. And that is why optimizing it and maintaining it remains among the best Facebook advertising tips for services businesses. Make sure that your Facebook page is engaging and attractive to customers by:

  • Posting content on a regular basis (professional tips, promotional offers, photos, video tutorials, etc.);
  • Responding to comments and reviews from users;
  • Conveying your brand message through current trends;
  • Supporting local communities and events, etc.

3. Establish the goals of your Facebook marketing strategy early on

Whether we’re discussing starting a moving business, creating a digital marketing strategy, or building a brand from nothing – it all comes down to the same starting point – a plan. Just like moving companies need a business plan, so do their marketing activities require plans and predictions. The same applies to Facebook advertising tips for service business – understand what your goals are before you start.

Facebook campaigns can generate a lot of positive results in terms of audience and brand growth if they focus on the right goals. When you plan the advertising strategies for your business on Facebook, make sure to set your priorities on what your endgame is:

  • Capturing leads
  • Leading users to your website
  • Engaging with people via Messenger
  • Inviting direct phone calls or in-person visits to your business
  • Generating new leads and raise brand awareness

Use your Ad Sets to help potential customers differentiate you from your competitors and give them the push they need to convert. And keep in mind that you don’t always have to lead customers from Facebook to your website. Sometimes, users will prefer to communicate with service businesses without having to visit their website and jumping through hoops to get in touch.

4. Customize your target ads for specific audiences

Facebook Ads illustration on desktop screen.
Consider the many ways to target different types of audiences through your campaign.

As the most advanced and popular social media network on a global scale, Facebook offers developed targeting capabilities in terms of advertising. That is why such a high number of businesses use it in their digital marketing efforts. But with such potential, it can also be challenging to find the perfect approach to your FB ads. That is why you need to take a step back and look at your customers. Based on the profile of your target audience, you should be able to establish a good plan of action. To help you along, consider including key consumer demographics and targeting tactics such as:

The geo-location of your customers

Carefully consider the area you wish to cover with your services and focus your advertising campaigns on Facebook on those specific areas. Start locally and work your way up to wider areas by targeting one or more locations within a city, state, or country.

Desired demographics

You can use filters to narrow down your target audience on Facebook, based on household income, gender, age, interests, etc. This can help you reduce low-quality leads that might come from your Facebook ads.

Relevant niche demographics

Using life events that people make public on their profiles is one of the Facebook advertising tips for service businesses to profit from easily.

  • For example, if you are running a moving company that is looking to engage with users that have recently changed jobs, gotten engaged, got into college, or retired – you could do so through their Facebook information. You can customize your ads to appear to those groups of people, as they will probably be looking for professional moving or storage services. On the other hand, you can also exclude users outside your target audience based on demographics, interests, events, etc.

Customer retention

When you operate in a competitive service industry, it can be challenging to convert leads into customers on a first try. Since most users tend to consult other sources and reviews of multiple service providers, they might be reluctant to make a rushed decision. And this often leads to users leaving your Facebook page without reaching out. That is where the notion of remarketing through Facebook comes into play.

You start by engaging with past customers through your Facebook ads, to secure their loyalty and a recommendation in the process. The next target on your list should be the Facebook users that contacted you in the past but never actually opted for your services. Also, consider targeting audiences that show an interest in your newsletter and posts on social media – those that share your content with others and like your posts. Finally, you can use Facebook advertising to promote a referral program for your moving company, offering past customers the chance to earn rewards for recommending your services to friends and online connections.

5. Invest effort in the overall design of your Facebook ads and posts

One of the most important Facebook advertising tips for service businesses is the presentation. Not having an actual product to promote in no way limits your creativity when it comes to promoting services. In fact, it opens up a new array of approaches that a business can take to bring their services closer to users and potential customers. Consumers love to see demonstrations of skills. They love to hear engaging brand stories about businesses, both big and small. Use those things to your advantage by creating visually appealing ads and inspiring posts content-wise. Here are a few elements to think hard on when creating your social media plan:

  • Branded images that speak to Facebook users.
  • Short yet powerful messages that convey the value of your services to others.
  • Simplification of the benefits of working with your service business.
  • Direct and transparent calls to action that customers can understand.
  • Positive references and testimonials from others.

Reach out for more Facebook advertising tips for service businesses

Facebook screen on mobile phone.
Consult with experienced social media marketers to ensure the success of your Facebook advertising efforts.

It takes time to master the use of any social media platform or digital marketing solution, for that matter. However, with enough time, the right resources, and some professional guidance – anyone can achieve it. Moving company marketing is something that our team has been doing for years, which is the reason why we have a clear understanding of how to promote services and build a brand on that notion.

  • Contact our team to learn more about Facebook advertising tips for service businesses such as yours, and start generating more leads today!