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How to optimize international websites to perfection

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become quite the topic to write about and consider. Whether you are dealing with a local or global business, it’s just as important. Why is this? Simple – more and more people are online. This is the real truth of things today. Whatever we need or look for, we use the Internet to find it. And if you manage to get your company name to pop up in those searches, you’re on the right track. Not only that but the wider the range you cover with your moving company SEO efforts, the more space you have to expand. Hence, today we get into the different ways to optimize international websites. So, if you’re business plan includes global branding, pay attention.

4 simple ways to optimize international websites for ultimate user experience

Most people tend to underestimate just how important translation can be for a website that wants to cross national borders. Sure, English is currently the most wide-spread language in the world, but that does not mean it will remain so in the future. There really is no one to guarantee that, because none of us know what the future holds. The best we can do is guess. However, in the process of guessing, we might as well count for other possible scenarios.

Businessman holding a tablet, world on one side and network on other.
To optimize international websites, there are plenty of steps to consider.

So, if you are going to take your moving business global and expand to other markets, you have to prepare. Now, the first thing you need to know and always remember is the simple fact that optimizing a website for the global market goes beyond simple translation. When you analyze a website that is fully-localized, you find that its entire layout is holistic – from colors to images and design etc. However, with the following 4 methods, that website can easily become a global revenue magnet:

1. Stick to an omnichannel marketing approach

Nowadays, focusing on a single channel no longer gives the results you hope for. If you are hoping to optimize international websites for all search engines, you have to tackle the issue from all directions. This means that you have to take language and create a streamlined user experience through diverse channels:

The important thing to ensure here is that your linking strategy doesn’t take the user on a lingual roller-coaster. You have to make sure that internal links on the English version of your website lead to pages and posts that are in English. Same goes for links towards social media accounts and profiles – keep the borders clear.

2. Currency is yet another form of language

There are words for “dollar” in other languages, but it will do you little good, given that not all countries use it as currency. So, instead of translating the word, simply go about translating the currency to the one accepted. After all, exchange rates shift daily. Thus, it is only logical to optimize international websites with the implementation of a conversion calculator. And if your company policy is a multi-currency one, you have to make sure that prices are comparable. Otherwise, you are faced with global clients that will rather pay for services or products on your US website if they find them cheaper than those on their native language website.

Franks going out of a laptop.
Money talks all languages – consider this.

3. Consider your payment forms and adjust them

Think back how often you faced a checkout page problem, just because the payment form coding was off. Not all countries have states or zip codes. And the ones that do might not enter it in the same format as US citizens. So, if you don’t consider this and create a localized quote form, you lose out on international business. This can be very important when it comes to global logistics.

So, if you were to implement an instant moving quote calculator, you would want one that is easily customizable to different markets. Another important factor here is political correctness towards global citizens. Not all countries share love and understanding towards one another, hence including Taiwan in forms aimed at Chinese customers (which don’t recognize its sovereignty) might cause some displeasure.

4. Think about translation management software

If you want to optimize international websites and keep them profitable, you have to manage time-efficiency. And when you have multi-lingual tasks such as link management, keeping sites current etc. – it can turn into a nightmare quick. Why is this? Because each change in the source language demands the identical change in another version of the website. And this brings us to the concept of translation. Translation companies used to localize websites by copying and pasting source strings into Excel. So, instead of opting for this outdated principle, why not consider translation management software (TMS)?

Replace all these dictionaries with the application of TMS and optimize international websites.
Optimize international websites with the aid of TMS and disregard the need for manual translation.

TMS can monitor your source website for any potential changes that you decide to implement. Once it detects them, the software extracts the copy and forwards it to translators, only to upload the change to the website once done. In fact, a good TMS can go as far as to eliminate up to 90% of manual translation tasks.

Discover the best tools for optimizing international websites

When you consider everything you just read, you are probably thinking how complicated it all seems. And for the most part, it can be. However, that’s why global digital marketing companies such as Movers Development exist. We offer you the insight you need into all the inner workings of the world of moving, SEO, marketing, software etc. Not only do we offer insight, but we also provide expert services to help your business gain local, national and global exposure. And what more can you really ask for, especially when looking to take your story international?