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Pro tricks for keeping people on your website longer

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Certainly, having a good sales funnel is good and all. But it is easily noticeable that conversion rates are higher the longer a person spends on your website. This correlation obviously brings up a question: how do you keep your customer’s attention? Here are some pro tips for keeping people on your website longer that might help you out!

Quality content

Writing a blog post
Pay attention to your customer’s interests to make the best blog posts possible.

Keeping people on your website longer is easier if they aren’t just using it for your services. However, there’s very little incentive for people to hang around if your site is completely business-oriented. No one actually wants to go over service listings more than once or twice, and if you haven’t managed to secure their interest by the time that’s done, then a potential customer will just leave.

Having rich and quality content on your site is an amazing draw and therefore avoids this situation. With a blog added to your site, you can share all sorts of tips and tricks collated by your workers and even draw on your own experience. Not only will you be able to fully incorporate an SEO strategy for movers, but you will also be able to keep people’s attention longer and are more likely to increase conversions.

Exit popups

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts to invest in moving company marketing, once people reach your website they quickly lose interest. Or they might just want a quick peek before moving on. As such, you need a quick and efficient way to catch their attention and encourage them to stay.

One of the best ways to go about keeping people on your website longer is using exit popups. They are ads that pop up on the screen when the person browsing your website moves their cursor off the main window and onto the browser tab, typically intending to close it. Of course, in order to actually succeed, you need the exit popup to feature something that will appeal to people. Perhaps a comprehensive and intuitive moving cost calculator, or a discount offer for a service or moving supplies.

Goods and services listings

One of the things that make people leave a website quickly, in spite of opening it with considerable enthusiasm, is failing to find a comprehensive list of services and moving supplies you offer. They may have been led to your site through your investment in digital marketing for moving companies. But if they can’t find what they are looking for, or aren’t sure how much it would all cost them, it is only natural they would leave without giving you much of an opportunity to convert them into your customer. So, you should always make sure that you either feature a list of all your services prominently on the main website page or do the same for a page link leading to them. This depends entirely on how many different services and supplies you offer. You do not want to clutter up your website and make it unappealing.

Easy site navigation

At the same time, you should really not bother to market your website if it is a convoluted mess of links and drop-down menus. There are few things that frustrate people more than not even being able to find the page they need on a website that looks like it was made by someone in the midst of a fever dream. Of course, you should not make your website simplistic to the point of having nearly no buttons and features. But you should at least properly sort all your links and pages into categories and make it easier to navigate through them.

Appealing website design

A website
Simple doesn’t mean ugly.

People like pretty websites, and will leave if the site is ugly. Does this make much sense when what counts should be the quality of services you offer? Admittedly not. But it is still a fact, and if you want to keep people on your website longer, you will need to pander to this preference. Right now, simpler sites with calming and temperate colors are more popular. Especially when it comes to movers since the minimalist style conveys professionalism and reliability.

There is one thing to keep in mind, however: you need to make sure your site is well optimized. Responsive web design and SEO are just as important as your site’s looks. Besides, if your site is not compatible with mobile phones and similar devices, people will not be able to visit it in the first place.

Accessible customer services

Customer service in action
Live interaction appeals to most potential customers.

If a customer is having problems with your site or isn’t entirely sold on your services, they are more likely to leave than to contact you directly. This is why having easy access to customer services is essential to prevent such cases. By integrating a simple chat popup into your site that would allow a customer to contact a live responder immediately, you can maximize the chances of them staying and actually finalizing a sale.

Media richness

The final tip for keeping people on your website longer is to make use of various media available to you. Pictures should be incorporated into your blog posts. And videos can be used for a whole slew of different things. You can make moving guides and share them on your social media before embedding them into your site. Or you can use a video as a short introduction to your business. It is a bit hard to learn how to format and include media when first starting to manage your site. However, the more you do it, the easier it will get. Soon, it won’t be a problem at all!

Final Word

With our pro tips for keeping people on your website longer, you can start working on your own methods to capture the attention of your customers! Ultimately, however, it almost always comes down to rich website content. So long as you can continue filling up your site with new and interesting content, you will not struggle to retain people’s attention.