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5 exceptional call management systems for small businesses

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Today’s world is definitely a digital one – it seems that we use our phones for everything but making a call nowadays. However, anyone who works in customer support will tell you that support over the phone is still a pillar of successful customer service. Naturally, this doesn’t just mean reverting back to a somewhat analog mode of communication. Instead, using older technologies in concert with newer ones has proven to be the winning ticket. For instance – call management systems for small businesses are an excellent example. These software solutions eliminate the need for reliance on external call centers; those are often unreliable and unhelpful to customers. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the most renowned software solutions in the niche.

RingCentral Contact Center

When it comes to phone-related software solutions, not many companies outrank RingCentral; making them the perfect provider of software for small moving companies. They have excellent video conferencing solutions, while also establishing themselves as a titan in the VoIP phone industry. However – their Contact Center software is also one of the most superb call management systems for small businesses.

A man talking on the phone
Having the right call management software is quite important!


It’s definitely a worthy solution for your customer relations and sales teams. It comes with dozens of robust features, containing pretty much everything you need for a functional call-based support center. Indeed, the software offers options like CRM integration; an important feature considering the benefits of CRM software.

Apart from that, you gain access to stuff like workforce management assistance, intelligent routing, call analytics, surveys, etc. 

It’s an ideal solution for both sales and customer service teams. To put it simply, this software is reliable, secure, and safe. And their guaranteed uptime is almost 100%.

Freshcaller – Simplest Option

When you’re trying to grow your small moving company and get more moving jobs; chances are you can’t afford complex call management systems for small businesses right away. Your budget may simply not allow it. That’s Freshcaller is a grand option. This is a software solution designed by Freshworks; much like our previous pick, they’re another household name when it comes to small business software solutions.

Freshcaller is a cloud-based application. And it’s one that manages to be both contemporary and simple at the same time. Regardless of the size of your business and your staff’s technical expertise; know that you won’t find it difficult to put this solution to good use.

Literally, thousands of companies utilize Freshcaller as their call center software. In fact, it’s quite versatile; customer support staff use it as often as sales agents do.

8×8 Contact Center

Next up, we’ve got one of the heavy hitters among call management systems for small businesses – 8×8. If you want a single software environment in which you can improve your company’s customer experience; this is the solution for you.

It contains all of the features that you’d want and more. From callback queues to interactive vocal responses, you’ll find it all here. Not to mention its social, email, and chat contact channels that pretty much make it a CRM solution all on its own.

8×8 has the most robust set of features – but is also the most complex.

You’ll find that this software suite also has options for customer service reports and analytics in real-time. And you can also access all of this information from any connected device! Your customer relationship managers will be able to improve the consumers’ journey like never before.

The design of the software is also astounding. You’ve got an efficient communication hub, a simplistic yet useful interface, and an entire knowledge base filled with useful tutorials.

If you want to integrate 8×8 Contact Center with niche CRM solutions like MoversTech or generic apps like Salesforce and Zendesk, you can easily do that as well. And last but not least – 8×8 Contact Center has industry-wide renown for its excellent security.


We’ve shown you the simpler call management systems for small businesses. Also, we’ve shown you some of the more complex systems in the same niche. And now it’s time to take a look at the best piece of software for all-around needs – Five9. When it comes to all-in-one packages, this is definitely the one we’d recommend the most. You’ll find that huge brands often use it – from DHL to Carfax.

In the past 20 years, this company has helped thousands of businesses manage their calls and create cost-effective communication centers.

Call center
Call management software should have a variety of useful features for all kinds of companies!

The reason why so many companies use this is that it’s fully customizable. Regardless of what your business needs, or how big it is; Five9’s features can be scaled up and down. But whatever service you choose, you’ll find that it provides a great uptime rate, impregnable security, and excellent voice quality.

The CRM integration, call routing, analytics, and predictive dialing are all features that we like seeing in this type of software. And luckily for you, Five9 has so much more to offer as well. You’ll find that their software solutions depend on what kind of business you’re running. From huge enterprises to small moving companies; Five9 can successfully service them all.


Finally, we’ll end this list with one of the finest call management systems for small business; more specifically, for small companies that have dedicated sales teams. This solution provides you with features such as callback widgets, call transfers, call scripts, call monitoring. 

Every single one of the abovementioned features is there to help you with the efficiency of phone sales. There are also specific features for support teams and e-commerce stores. However, the sales options are definitely the highlight of the package.