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Writing apps to make your blog stronger

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Have you ever experienced writer’s block? You know that you have something to express but just can’t find the words to do it? Well, we simply can’t have that in today’s world, now can we? After all, a good blog is very important when it comes to SEO for small businesses. It can not only provide your readers with the necessary advice and insight they need, but it can also position you in search engine results. So, what you need to do is focus on finding a way to jump-start your brain and get to writing. However, if you are having issues with inspiration, we have some writing apps to make your blog stronger.

3 writing apps to make your blog stronger and better

A website blog has many contributions to make to a company:

  • Building your company brand
  • To attract visitors and increase your customer base
  • Gain sponsors and partners
  • Boosting your website value in the eyes of Google
  • Offering useful information that can also make your work easier

The list goes on and the fact remains that you need the right content to develop your business today. But, sometimes we tend to neglect the fact that the blog won’t write itself. And even though you have inspiration today, it doesn’t mean you will always have it.

Writer's block - something we have all experienced.
You won’t always have the right ideas in mind – this is why there are writing apps to make your blog stronger.

There are simply days when the words evade you, no matter how hard you try. Perhaps you will miss the topic ideas for articles or make silly writing mistakes. The entire process is challenging but the good news is that there are writing apps to make your blog stronger. And no, these apps won’t write the content for you, but you can always turn to a professional copywriter for that. This is your energy boost for creativity and inspiration in times when you have none. So, to avoid writer’s block and jumpstart your productivity, check out the following three apps:

#1: SpiderScribe – your easy way to brainstorm

Sure, it’s easy enough to think of topics at random but what about the article structure. After all, you need headings, sub-headings, bulleted lists, images, etc. And half-baked ideas will only get you so far. So, what happens when the fully-formed ideas just won’t come to you?

That’s the moment when SpiderScribe comes into play to score that field goal. When it comes to writing apps to make your blog stronger, this one takes the cake with the mind-mapping solutions it offers, for elements such as:

  1. Calendar events
  2. Written notes
  3. Photographs
  4. Entire files

This little piece of software for online businesses can help you link any of these and other elements to create a narrative in your mind. After all, you can’t go wrong with any ideas you get as long as you find a way to fit them all inside one piece of content. When it comes to the usage of SpiderScribe, you can use the basic app for free whereas the Pro edition costs you $5 per month. Not that much to pay for a way to avoid writer’s block, right?

#2: Marinara Timer – the way towards a writing routine development

Hourglass or timer - it matters not as long as you use them.
When it comes to writing apps to make your blog stronger, this one is always on time.

Once you connect all your ideas and form a structured idea in your mind, you need to pour it all out. And this is where we all differ in terms of tempo and rhythm. But as long as you discover which one suits you best, you should have no issues. And in case you do experience this issue, you can always turn to Marinara Timer. This timer app takes on the role of a drill sergeant. And it keeps you in check and typing for a limited amount of time before it offers you a break.

Designed around 30 years ago by Francesco Cirillo, the app’s concept uses the Pomodoro Technique. Cirillo’s idea was that we are more productive when we take short breaks during work. So, if you are typing for 25 minutes, you can then take a 5-minute break. This break creates a short-burst release of pressure in your brain and resets you to the same intensity as before.

And even if you find that the Pomodoro Technique is not your cup of tea, Marinara Timer offers an alternative. You can still make use of the Classic Timer it has, where you can customize your time-frames for writing as you see fit. So, it basically has the setting of a kitchen or chess timer. And the best part- it’s free to use!

#3: Freedom – a shortcut to help keep your focus

Even the strongest and most disciplined mind can get side-tracked from time to time. And with the distractions you can find online today, nobody can blame you. This is especially common with creative processes such as writing. After all, which one of us hasn’t started working on a computer, only to end up scrolling through Facebook, regular and industry-related news, or YouTube videos?

However, if you need help to keep yourself in check, there is a parent/boss replacement to be found in Freedom. The app itself helps you block any websites that might distract you from your creative process. Blocking sessions can be spontaneous or planned ahead of time and it works across multiple devices. With everything you can find online today, it’s easy to get lured away from your blog-writing.

You need a Stop sign in your mind whenever you want to avoid work - Freedom is here to help.
Freedom is here to help stop you from getting off track while writing.

Google and Microsoft and universities like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon – you will find plenty of examples here which use this app. According to users, you can gain as much as 2.5 hours a day with the use of this app. And when you consider that a yearly subscription costs only $2.42, it’s definitely worth a shot.

To conclude our talk here…

These are just some of the many writing apps to make your blog stronger. However, we all have different creative processes and find our own unique solutions to them. So, feel free to research other similar apps or share some of your ideas in the comments. Until then, check out other ways how to perfect your blog and SEO efforts right here, at Movers Development.