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The pros and cons of outsourcing your email marketing

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The topic of outsourcing is always a prickly one. It can seem like both an irresistible temptation and a severe mistake, all at the same time. However, we hope that by neatly laying out the pros and cons of outsourcing your email marketing, you will have an easier time making a decision!

The pros of outsourcing your email marketing

Dedicated professionals on the job

The first of the benefits of outsourcing your email marketing is, of course, having actual professionals on the job from day one. Do not be mistaken to believe that running successful email campaigns for movers is in any way easy. Sometimes, it can be even more complex than most other businesses! And if you don’t have a team dedicated to email marketing, it can take forever for beginners to learn the ropes. This means wasted time and resources in the meantime. Hiring professionals directly sidesteps this issue and lets you dodge the awkward beginnings. More than that, it guarantees a degree of success you won’t be able to reliably achieve on your own for a long time.

A professional presenting results
Professionals can guarantee results.

Reasonable cost-effectiveness

Of course, cost-effectiveness is another reason to have professionals assist you with the job to advertise your moving company. We’ve already mentioned some drawbacks of starting your email marketing team. However, the initial wasted resources are, well, just the start. The more severe downside compared to getting professional help is that you have to pay for the team and the projects they’re running on top of that. This means that it will almost always be more expensive to run your email marketing team rather than choose to delegate.

Smaller drain on your workforce

Of course, you have another option if you don’t want to have a dedicated team for email marketing. Simply forcing some of your other employees involved in marketing to do that, too! However, the pros of outsourcing your email marketing outweigh what you can manage. After all, having people who already have dedicated jobs do more work is never a good thing. They will struggle to do it right lacking expertise. And their regular jobs will likely suffer from the distraction, as well. This means that rather than doing one thing straight, you are increasing the drain on your workforce to achieve worse results in multiple fields.

Easier time meeting deadlines

The final of the pros of outsourcing your email marketing has guaranteed results by the deadline time. This is not always possible for an in-house team. Sometimes, it is not even something that your in-house team may feel sufficiently motivated to do. After all, professionals being paid for the project know that producing results is the only way to keep getting hired. Your internet marketing services team would have a lot more leeway and may feel more motivated to further fine-tune things before attempting to produce better results. Not a bad thing, per se, but it can result in many delays and funding problems.

A professional email marketer at work
Professionals know the best approach to email marketing.

The cons of outsourcing your email marketing

It can be hard to find a good match

On the other hand, the first of the cons of outsourcing your email marketing is considerable, too. Namely, it’s not always easily possible to find reliable professionals. True professionals will do the job and do it right hoping to get hired ahead. However, some companies try to churn through as many customers as possible. And they do just a shoddy job for every single one of their clients. Or, their so-called ‘results’ might be red herrings, drummed up through whatever method they’d cooked up with no natural substance to them. Which means you’d just be wasting your resources.

Losing a lot of fine control

The next downside is the apparent loss of fine control over projects. There are many different ways to do email marketing, and while you have your favorites, the professionals you hire will have their ways and methods of achieving the set goals. This can be upsetting, especially if you believe a slight shift in their approach could result in much better results for your company. After all, a little personalization can go a long way! And you would be giving up that personal touch for the cold, professional efficiency.

Sitting in on a meeting
It will be harder to keep track of what’s exactly going on.

Potential communication problems

Another frustration you might encounter is communication problems. This can be particularly poignant, primarily if your website marketing analysis points out an obvious problem with the strategy that can be fixed through proper communication, which you fail to achieve repeatedly. If something needs to be fixed quickly, you can bet it will be later than you’d like. And this can’t be blamed on the people you’re working with, either. The structure of such businesses means it takes time to relay information to the person or people assigned to the project.

Lack of priority

The final of the issues with outsourcing your email marketing neatly ties in with the previous. The reason why you’d have trouble with communication is simple: you are not, in fact, their priority. It may feel like you should be able to call upon their undivided attention at any time. Your moving company is always your priority, after all. But, for them, you would be another client. They would be motivated to produce noticeable results. And to do that consistently. But that’s less them prioritizing your company and more them trying to stay in business. So, if you ever find yourself in a position where you’d need them to go ‘all hands on deck’ immediately for the sake of helping you, you’d likely find yourself bitterly disappointed.

After reviewing the pros and cons of outsourcing your email marketing, the answer should be evident. If you can afford to set up a dedicated team of your own and wouldn’t mind somewhat disappointing results for a while, you should probably go for it! You only need to be aware that you are going into the venture with the hope that their work will eventually be better than what you can pay professionals for. However, opt for outsourcing if you prefer lower costs and guaranteed results!