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Data-driven marketing strategizing guide

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The marketing world has changed a lot in the last couple of years. With the global pandemic happening worldwide, the importance of the online world has significantly increased. People use the internet for all sorts of activities, not only shopping. For that reason, marketing experts needed to update their strategy and adapt to the current situation. Data-driven marketing strategies are one of those changes, and this guide will tell you all about them. Let’s find out more about this marketing strategy and learn how to utilize it – the right way.

Someone's hand drawing on graphs.
Use the power of data-driven marketing.

Data-driven marketing basics

First things first, let’s explain some basic details on data-driven marketing. The term is actually self-explanatory – you use certain data to understand the behavior and needs of your target audience. The results of this research are later used in creating a perfect marketing strategy, focusing on the right audience pool and their preferences and requirements. Data analytics has become an essential step in creating marketing strategies, which is why you should implement it as soon as possible.

Remember: Many people don’t understand the difference between traditional marketing and the one that’s based on the right data. While traditional marketing is based on assumptions about what people think and usually takes a couple of attempts to find the right strategy, data-driven marketing designs strategies according to the needs of the audience. The knowledge is based on the research of customers’ needs, which is why it gives better results. For example, moving companies will promote their website quote calculator, as they know their target audience needs it. People like to know estimated costs before they agree to hire you.

What’s the purpose of data-driven marketing?

Well, the answer is quite simple. If you want to know what your target customers need and want, you need to find out more about them. The main purpose of data-driven marketing is to maximize the results by providing exactly what the users find useful and interesting. It explores users’ behavior, changes related to global events, etc. to predict their interests and maximize ROI.

Studies have shown that personalization of your marketing strategy increases ROI by up to 8 times. That’s why more and more companies accept offers by marketing agencies only if they are adjusted to their clients. This ensures they don’t waste any money and reach the customers who are willing to pay for their goods or services.

How do businesses benefit from creating a marketing strategy based on customer data?

Target for darts.
Reach your target with a data-driven marketing strategy.

Business owners often wonder if they should spend on a good-quality marketing strategy not knowing the true benefits. By investing in a good data-driven marketing strategy, you achieve a lot:

  • acquire more customers 
  • increase customer loyalty
  • by offering what they really need, you increase the satisfaction of your customers and ensure they come back the next time they need your services or goods.

But, what are the things that can make your strategy successful to help you achieve those goals? Let’s find out.

How to make sure your data-driven marketing strategy gives the best results?

Not every approach to marketing is a good one. Also, each business requires a specific plan that will be adapted to their niche, budget, and most importantly, customers. Let’s say you run a moving business. You need a strategy that is specialized in digital marketing for movers and know details about this industry. Different types of relocations, customers, the scope of business, and location will affect the strategy in a specific way. That’s why a strategy that responds to this unique customer pool is necessary to maximize the ROI and overall success of the campaign.

Form your audience

For a successful marketing strategy, you need to know where to aim. This means you should create personas – find out who are the people you are creating this strategy for. So, if you’re running a moving business, find out who are the people who need your services. Families with kids, other businesses, military people, etc. This will help you wind the best moving strategy and generate leads for moving companies, which will give the best results.

Personalize emails

Emails have been shown to be a very powerful way to attract people to your business. However, if they are plain and generated, they’ll do no good. Based on the data you’ve collected about the target audience, you can personalize emails and make them more direct. Adapt your business model to your audience’s age, interests, a specific event, etc., and create emails that are targeted, informative and attractive.


Instead of always trying to win new people, why don’t you try to convince the ones who left to come back? There’s a way to bring back people who visited the site and left without making any contact. Retargeting helps you win back their interests and potentially turn those people into happy customers. And that is possible due to data-driven marketing and tracking of visitors.

Make additions to your website

Data you collect about the visitor can also help you see what are they missing on your website. Once you find out what that is, use moving company software to make your website as good as possible. Adjust it to the needs of your target audience, and increase the chances to make them your customers.