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The coldest cities in the USA in 2022

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In order to do your business well, lots of preparation is needed. Doubly so if you live in a city where everyday weather conditions are not exactly geared towards spending a lot of time in transit or working outside. It pays out to be informed about what the coldest cities in the USA in 2022 are, so you can properly consider whether you want to expand into them.

Aberdeen, South Dakota

Even though Aberdeen is definitely among the coldest cities in the USA this year, it has surprisingly high-quality local movers. Though, they likely have to be good at their jobs. Since the geographical location of the city puts it at the third overall spot for the coldest city on our list. The city has no forests nor mountains to block the chilly winds coming from Canada, which is what makes it even colder than it typically would be for a city in the area. Temperatures dip below zero far too frequently so the local moving specialists who have to do their work in these conditions definitely deserve our praise.

Bismarck, North Dakota

The next on our list of the coldest cities in the USA in 2022 is Bismarck, located in North Dakota. Interesting enough, North Dakota is the coolest mainland county in the US as a whole during winters and fall. There are actually a couple of other cities from the county you will encounter while reading our list! So, seeing as Bismarck in particular qualifies as the coldest city in the county, you can tell that their temperatures are no joke. The lowest recorded temperatures in the city had even reached -44 °F.

Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, one of The coldest cities in the USA in 2022
Duluth can be rather stark during winter.

Duluth is not just one of the coldest cities in the USA this year, it is also one of the cities with the most adverse weather. Winters in Duluth are frequently very long and very snowy. And, as the experts from Movers Development like to warn, this only makes it more difficult for qualified moving companies to do their jobs well. The snow adds a whole new level of complication, particularly when paired with the low temperatures of the city which allow it to really pile up.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks wilderness
Fairbanks might be cold, but the area around it is beautiful.

Fairbanks is quite possibly the absolute coldest city in the USA in 2022, or even beyond this year. This is not really odd, considering it is located far north. The typical January temperature in this fine city is a not-so-cozy -16 °F. This means that, as relocation industry statistics can prove, this is a particularly unpopular month for scheduling a move. Of course, this does mean that the cost of moving during this particular period is quite low. All throughout winter, and most of the late fall, the locals can find great movers for some truly cheap rates.

Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, one of The coldest cities in the USA in 2022
Fargo is a very charming city in spite of the local temperatures.

Fargo is not just notable for being one of the coldest cities in the USA. It is also well known as the largest city to have a very cold local climate. Lots of people here are forced to do their best to keep warm during winter while working outside to keep the city functioning right, and movers are definitely among them. With the city’s population, there is at least plenty of moving jobs to be found.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Grand Forks is another city in North Dakota on our list and another decently sized one at that. This makes it clear just how bad the county has it when it comes to the cold! Using an online moving quote calculator, you can easily see the disparity in prices between warm and cold months, and it is particularly notable in Grand Forks since the near Arctic winds the city suffers from are very uncomfortable to function in for everyone.

Huron, South Dakota

Huron, to be fairly honest, barely makes it onto our list of the coldest cities in the USA this year. It definitely suffers from some very harsh weather on occasion. However, it is dispersed with relatively warm days which makes the local weather quite bearable. Of course, the cold days are still extremely unpleasant.

Marquette, Michigan

This is another city that suffers from a lot of snowfall during the winter months. Additionally worsening things is the fact that the city is located on the shores of Lake Superior, which means that its influence allows the cold weather and snow to linger for a while. Of course, on the flip side, the presence of water does make the weather somewhat milder, so the temperatures never quite reach the same extremes they do in the other cities on our list. Besides, all the waterside activities this position allows for providing an amazing outlet to distress once the tough winter months have gone!

St. Cloud, Minnesota

St. Cloud is a rather interesting entry on our list of the coldest cities in the USA. It definitely deserves its place, with winter months in the city getting downright punishing. However, its continental climate makes for an interesting twist. Namely, the city can very well also qualify for a list of the warmest cities in the states. The humidity the city suffers from during summer also makes for rather unpleasant working conditions. This means that movers here need to watch out for both extremes of the temperature spectrum!

Williston, North Dakota

While Williston is pretty cool throughout the year, the extreme of its temperatures happen from around the beginning of September and last all the way to May. Now, the cold doesn’t get quite as intense as, say, in Fairbanks. But it is definitely not an environment you want to spend a lot of time lifting heavy objects. This city is also nearly colder than Bismarck this year. So, when working as a moving company staff during these months, make sure to wear lots of layers and bring a warm drink along.

Final Comment

With the knowledge of the coldest cities in the USA in 2022 under your belt, you can properly plan around potentially expanding into them. We would recommend sourcing employees locally since they would be better used to the weather.