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Marketing and sales tips for movers

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How to sell your moving services implementing great marketing ideas? There are many ways. Some more, some less successful in one or another territory. What we suggest is consulting the experts and getting the top ideas on how to combine different strategies and sell your moving services to your potential customers. Here are marketing and sales tips for movers we found to be the most productive and efficient. Not all of them are the best to sell or to advertise your company. But having in mind these tips on how to use the benefits of both kinds of strategies to make your marketing and your sales upgrade will make you one of the best moving companies in your market for a long time.

All the movers, or the most of you, are trying to advertise in one period. Letting people know about them. And use the sales strategies in completely another period, when they find the customers would react the best. Our point of view that, in long-term, those strategies don’t create the sustainable growth of any moving business. No matter what size and no matter how successful it is. Our recommendation is keeping an eye on what brings the highest measurable value to your company, and combine those things in both marketing and sales strategies. In other words, these marketing and sales tips for movers should give you an idea of how to make those strategies work together all the time. 

Marketing vs sales strategies, is there a difference?

Surely, there is, from the aspects of the definition, the focus, the approach etc. But that’s not what we meant. Our question was, being that both strategies have the same goal- selling your moving services, should there be a difference in the approach, or should you consider them parts of one larger strategy for both- marketing and sales activity? The idea is to constantly pay attention to what are the best trends in selling and advertising your services, and constantly upgrade your overall strategy, creating the better and better results for your company. The results, at the end of the day, are how many relocations have you were hired for.

Aren't marketing and sales parts of the same strategy?
Marketing vs sales – is there really a difference?

Therefore, the basic idea of these marketing and sales tips for movers is creating an approach of the systematical effort of all of your departments into implementing the best practices from both strategies in one, super-strategy for becoming a leader in your movers market. Are you interested? Let’s find out what are the steps to take:

  • Find out what do your customers look for. Be ahead of your competitors. Implement every little new detail that appears if your customers find it important.
  • Don’t simply sell the moving services. Try to sell the benefits your customers get from hiring your moving company!
  • Don’t be afraid of the failure. It’s better to test the new things earlier than others than just waiting for your customers hoping that they’ll come.
  • Always invest in PR and advertising. And advertise over different media, and using different perspectives.
  • Show the gratitude after someone hires you. Creating loyalty is one of the most important marketing and sales tips for movers.

Who are your customers and what do they want from a moving company?

A right and complete answer to this question leads to becoming a leader of your moving market. Of course, the beauty of the competition is that there’s no complete and right answer. Every customer is different, and every single one of them needs at least somewhat different service. On the other hand, there are some leading needs that the most of your potential customers have. Such as fast and affordable transportation, additional services, moving insurance included in the price, packing supplies and tools for rent, etc. Your job is to articulate those needs clearly to your marketing and sales team. How? By doing a thorough research. If you don’t have the proper experts in your moving company, hire professionals to do this. And don’t save on this, given that this will help you create a clear strategy for advertising and selling your services.

Selling the services creates the profit, selling the benefits creates the loyalty

Selling the benefits instead of selling the services is the most important of all marketing and sales tips for movers
The most important of all marketing and sales tips for movers – Sell the benefits instead of services!

No matter how much you might need short-term profit to pay the bills, you must have a deeper strategy. Creating the loyalty creates the constant profit for your company in the future. So, make sure you invest in training and education for all your employees. Hire the best movers marketing experts to let your staff learn how to communicate the benefits of hiring your moving company to your customers and clients. All the employees should participate those customer service training and education lectures. From the moving staff to the company owner. Because it’s important that, every time someone meets the customer or potential customer, they communicate the benefits of hiring your moving and storage company rather than just what services you offer.

Failure is a part of each successful person or business. No marketing and sales tips for movers will help you avoid failing at something.

There’s no person in a world that succeeded without failing at least in something. The examples are numerous. Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or companies, FedEx, Amazon, Tesla Motors etc. We won’t mention the things they failed at, you can Google it, but those successful people and companies were so close to a complete failure. And here we are, decades later, looking at them with the admiration. What does it tell us? That we must keep trying. We learn something from each failure. And we come out of it stronger. It’s better to fail at something 10 times than sit in the same place. The 11th strategy will be 10 times better than if you kept creating the same kind of marketing and the same kind of sales strategies all the time.

PR and advertising – Don’t ever stop investing in them!

Human resources lead your company and create the value. Advertising passes the message of that value. Therefore, in no period should you stop investing in these two important departments of your company. On the contrary- given that the advertising means more and more, and the people search for more and more quality of the services, the amount you spend on this should increase all the time!

You should be thankful for every and each customer you get

Have in mind that there are dozens and hundreds of moving companies competing with you for that customer. The number of them rises as the distance of the relocation increases. Hence, saying a regular thank you isn’t the only thing you’re requested to do. These marketing and sales tips for movers are created to make you aware of how big the competition is and how should you think to advance in the movers market.

So be aware that by choosing your moving company, the customers surely turned down at least several of them. Hence, make them feel appreciated. You get to decide what will be ‘the gift’ they should get. But, in no case should you let them go with only a thank you note. Creating a clear strategy for turning a regular into a loyal customer will make you a leading moving and storage company in the long term.