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Low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers

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The need for good marketing strategies for movers never ends. It is essential to get the new clients and retain the old ones all the time. Surely, you don’t have too much money to create the expensive advertising campaigns all the time. Don’t worry. We have several suggestions for low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers. Perhaps they don’t provide the same influence as the high-budget, but the impact they make is certainly strong enough to keep the current customers and gain at least a few more. When there is no money, these marketing ideas are also a good thing. Besides, we suggest combining the high and low-budget ideas, given that all of them make an impact on your customers. We talked to our clients, some of the best moving companies in their markets, and here is which low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers they suggested everybody should try!

Even the inexpensive marketing ideas can help you make an impact

Make an impact on your customers even with lwo-budget marketing ideas
There are some great low-budget marketing ideas that still make an impact on your customers!

Not everybody has millions to invest in marketing for movers. Especially when starting a new moving business, you must make an impact on your customers with a low budget. This is when you should start learning about the important advertising strategies for moving companies that do not cost much. While the expensive marketing strategies offer almost an instant impact, the inexpensive movers’ marketing strategies could make even a larger impact, if you learn how to properly advertise. Here are some things you should do to draw customers to your company with no money, or investing only a small amount:

  • Do the research – Find out who are your potential customers, and what do they want.
  • Learn about the SEO, or outsource it to the professional company with a lot of experience in it.
  • Use social networks. Some of the best low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers we found on social networks.

Profile your customers

To draw the customers to your moving company, you must know who your potential customers are. What do they like? What is the average distance of their relocation? Which moving services would they like you to provide? After you found out their desires, you can make the changes in your moving company (if needed, of course). Make sure you purchase all the equipment each moving service requires. Do your best to provide only the services of the highest quality. Be very open to your customers, let them tell you everything they would like to get from you. They shall probably give you an idea of what should you focus on. And this is the thing you should do even prior to starting your moving business.

SEO- Almost all the low-budget high-impact ideas for movers are at least somehow connected to the SEO

SEO stands for the search engine optimization. It means optimizing your website content for the search engines. Search engines qualify the content as more or less relevant to the subject. Now, after you did the research, and found out what is it that your customers want, you should know what might be the words they search for on the web (the best movers in AB city, top moving professionals in XY state, the most affordable storage AB city XY state etc), Knowing the keywords, you have your guiding idea on how to create the content for your website.

How to work on your SEO? If you don’t have enough experience or insufficient time to learn about it, it would be the best to outsource it to some company conducting the web and marketing development for movers.

Search no further- SEO offers almost all of low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers
SEO – The greatest source of low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers!

If you have the time or have an experience in content optimization, we have a few suggestions what to focus on. First, find the most important keywords for your local area, and create the landing pages. The landing pages are the pages with more than 1800-1900 words, highly optimized (they should contain the keywords in the titles, subtitles, image alt tags, bold/italic text, lots of internal links, at least few external links towards the ‘strong’ websites etc.). Besides this, you should implement the best software solutions for movers, to follow the modern trends, create the proper website design (to be mobile responsive, to be easy to use, and attractive to the visitors), create the clear internal linking strategy, make sure you get enough quality backlinks etc.

Social media- the heaven for moving companies with insufficient funds for marketing campaigns

The most of the people using the internet use at least some of the social networks.Given that the most of your customers use the social networks too, you should be there to be in front of their eyes all the time. These strategies make a strong impact at no cost or low-cost. And you are seeking for low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers. It means that you need to be interesting to your potential customers and clients. Make sure you have all the important pieces information about your company on each social network you use. Such information as the prices, the moving services you offer, if there is or isn’t a storage facility, what additional services you provide at no cost and stuff like that. But don’t focus only on the business.

People are using the social networks to relax and have fun. Publish the interesting content. If you’re able to do that, write an interesting and amusing story connected to the relocation. If you can’t do that yourself, hire an experienced copywriter to do it for you. Use the social networks to get people to like you and trust you. And every once in a while remind them you’re a moving company. Don’t force the moving-related content, it could make people stop following you.

So, how influential are the low-budget high-impact marketing ideas for movers?

We’d say very much. As a company specialized in SEO for moving companies, we know how great the content related marketing strategies are, given that we create them ourselves. And we managed to position some of our clients at the very top of the search results for the most important search terms in such a strong movers market as NYC. Ask us how to do that, and we will be more than happy to analyze your website for free, and provide you with the best solutions for improving your online presence!