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How website maintenance tasks can boost your SEO

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If you are wavering about whether website maintenance is worth the time, we’re here to reassure you. It is worth it, and to explain why, here’s how website maintenance tasks can boost your SEO!

Improving loading speed

The first reason website maintenance tasks can boost your SEO is that they can improve site loading speed. If maintenance isn’t done and your site is allowed to degrade slowly, loading speed can suffer. And, as you might already know, search engine optimization is about much more than just keywords. Site loading speed is an important metric that Google pays attention to, and any issues can reflect poorly on your ranking. If ranking alone is not enough to motivate you, consider this as well: bad loading speeds impact customer satisfaction. And customers who are frustrated with your site are less likely to hire you! Besides, all the best moving company websites run as smoothly as butter. And you can’t afford to let the competition have such a significant advantage over your site.

Eliminating errors

Another reason website maintenance tasks can boost your SEO is that they let you catch errors on your site. It doesn’t happen often, but problems with hyperlinks, poorly routed pages, and general server errors can cause some of your pages to go down or links not to work. However, any such problems are flagged by Google crawlers and immediately noted, which hurts your SEO score. Even if the page doesn’t seem ‘important’ and nearly no one visits it, it still has that effect. After all, Google recognizes this as a problem with the overall quality of your site. At the same time, if problems pop up with one of your ‘important’ pages, such as your free moving estimate calculator, it also has a direct and rather severe impact on your customer satisfaction. So, make sure to comb your site for errors regularly!

website code
It’s important to work on the underlying quality of your site.

Keeping your content relevant

An interesting thing about content is that even if it’s still relevant, its SEO can become outdated. This means that your content might not reach the intended audience simply because the keywords and SEO techniques you used are no longer appropriately targeted. To get around this, you need to regularly do website maintenance in the form of updating your SEO, even on the pages of your site. This will not just let you generate more organic traffic but also boost the overall ranking of your site by eliminating the elements that are no longer beneficial.

Checking your results

Website maintenance is not necessarily just about changing or updating your site. An important part of maintenance is checking your site’s current statistics and whether your various active and passive marketing methods are achieving their results. If you check your site’s dashboard, you can access data such as most visited pages, number of site visitors, etc. They can all reveal essential trends and info about how you are doing as a business! As such, it is highly beneficial to take the time to check this at least every couple of days.

Site data
Keeping track of performance data lets you fine-tune your marketing.

Enhancing site security

Website maintenance is also excellent for boosting your site’s security. This is because your WordPress, or whatever other base you use for your site, needs to be regularly updated. If the updates are not done, your site is flagged as high risk. This won’t end with decreasing your SEO rankings, either. If you ignore site updates for long enough, anyone who visits it will receive a warning that your site is risky to enter and be encouraged to avoid it. Of course, you have to drop the ball on website maintenance to get to that point. Note, too, that WordPress plugins also follow the same logic. While your SEO for moving company does not depend on their updates as much as it does for the base site updates, neglecting them still creates security risks and impacts it badly!

Working on compatibility

Something else that updates typically cover is compatibility. As more varied devices are created, browser compatibility becomes more and more important. After all, ensuring that everyone can access your site no matter, their device is an important part of your SEO score! If your browser compatibility is low, Google will not feel compelled to share your place among the first few search results, even if your content perfectly matches the query! The opposite is, of course, also true, and if you manage a website well, it will claim top ranks in trending keywords a lot more frequently.

Responding to SEO changes

The final reason website maintenance tasks can boost your SEO is that it lets you respond to SEO changes. You see, Google loves to alter its algorithm and SEO ranking. This is because they are constantly being fine-tuned to provide the best possible experience to Google users. As such, SEO techniques that are currently acceptable but are encouraged can eventually become outdated and considered detrimental. If you do not periodically review your SEO while doing website maintenance, you can very quickly start to slip down in SEO rankings. Of course, the decline in your ranking will be gradual. But the experts from Movers Development note that just like you want to touch up your content to ensure it’s still appealing, you need to work on your SEO regularly. SEO is not a one-time setup you can leave alone.

website maintenance
SEO tune-ups need to be done regularly.

Holistic website maintenance is always beneficial for SEO

Now that you understand how website maintenance tasks can boost your SEO, you can approach them more efficiently. If you take full advantage of what they can do for you, you can take your moving business a step further!  Besides, your website is the basis of all your online activity. So, anything that improves it also improves the effectiveness of your marketing and promotion drives several times over.