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Free SEO tools for movers to explore

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When building your business, you surely pay a lot of attention to how your potential customers will perceive it. The same applies in the online world, where you want to build your online presence the right way, ensuring that your customers do find you. Your company website is probably the first thing they will notice, as most buying decisions nowadays start with an online search. If your customers cannot find you online, your chances to build a solid customer base diminish greatly. Fortunately, optimizing your website to a degree will make your company searchable and more accessible for your target customer to find. Suppose you are in the starting phase of your business and still unsure of the budget for professional moving company digital marketing solutions. In that case, there are free SEO tools you can explore. 

It all starts with knowing your target customer

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Remember that you are optimizing your website for your target audience

Before even starting to dive deeper into creating a DIY SEO strategy, you should take a good look into your target audience. Who are your target customers? What are their needs and issues you are trying to address? Do you know their buying habits? Try identifying with your target customer and put yourself in their shoes. Think of what they would do if they had a question about a product or a service. Knowing your audience is the first step towards successful SEO for moving companies because your customer is precisely the person you are optimizing your website for. Researching your customer and building a persona can be a timely process, but free online resources can help you do it.

Knowing your target customer can lead to understanding the power of keywords

When you get a better glimpse of your target customers’ issues and needs, you can more easily predict the type of questions they would have. Going online and researching a topic of interest is likely what your customer would do when faced with a problem, dilemma, or decision. That is where keywords come into play. Building your website with relevant keywords in mind will maximize your chances of becoming visible and having better rankings.

A good starting point is to list relevant keywords and rank them according to their priority or the search volume. If you already have a Google Ads account, you can use their Google Keyword Planner for free. With tools like this one, you will have a clearer picture and start planning your keyword strategy.

Ranking for long-tail keywords can help your online growth

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You can build your own keyword strategy with free SEO tools.

When you construct your keywords strategy, keep in mind that ranking for the most competitive keywords is not always as effective as you would like. For example, being in the moving industry means you operate in a niche market and have many customers who are about to make decisions. Therefore, trying to rank with keyword phrases with three or more words specific for the moving business may be the right path for you. After all, your customers will enter long-tail keywords into the search engine more often than not. Therefore, targeting these phrases will ensure you a more steady and relevant ranking within your industry.

Quality content is essential for attracting the target audience

Investing in creating fresh and new content for your website can pay off in the long run in more ways than one. First, it will help you establish yourself as a competent source of helpful information. Second, your customers will find it useful to have access to quality, informative pieces of content, either in the form of blog posts, newsletters, or infographics. Using quality images that match the rest of the content is also something to work on.

Finally, other than providing your target customer with informative content, great content will improve your chances of building backlinksThe importance of backlinks for movers should be omitted when talking about effective SEO strategies. Having backlinks means your website is gaining popularity and search engines love popular websites with many backlinks. You can monitor your backlinks activity for free by using SEO tools.

Remember to focus on local search engine optimization

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Make your business visible with effective local search engine optimization

You are already doing so much for your SEO strategy. So, do not forget to employ some efforts to your local SEO as well. Building local business citations is an effective way to benefit your business. With correct citations, your customers will be more likely to discover your business. They will likely turn to visit your website, calling you, or coming to your place of business. However, one must be careful with citations because inaccurate information like your company name, address, and phone number will adversely affect your client’s decision to act.

Overall, local business citations will help you gain credibility and improve your reputation. All that while being very cost-effective and moderately easy to manage and keep track of. One of the most effective ways to improve your local SEO is to invest in your Google My Business listing.

Exploring the benefits of using free SEO tools requires expanding your knowledge

If you are set to do SEO on your own, you have to acknowledge the need for some additional reading. Invest time in learning more about search engine optimization and even subscribe to some courses. You have to be knowledgeable about the topic to make your efforts effective and impactful. Sometimes, it is easier to think about doing SEO by yourself than to actually do it. So, do not shy away from asking questions on some of the many SEO communities online. There are many forums you can join and search for the information you need about free SEO tools. However, If you find yourself struggling with some of the tools, you can always get in touch with us and receive a tailored SEO strategy, specially made for your moving business.