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Movers Development is still looking forward to Holidays! This is why we have a Holidays Special promotion going on, where you can get our instant moving quote calculator included in any of our monthly subscription plans for free! We can help you develop your moving business long-term and establish a steady client income. By allowing your customers to find you online when searching for moving services, you will have an endless supply of workflow for your company. Partner with Movers Development and provide clients with the privilege of getting price estimates in seconds, and offer them a unique moving experience.

Monthly Pricing Plans

Benefit of SEO

The search engine optimization and interaction with the millions of users who look for services over the Internet remains the key element of building your online footprint. We will help you position your website in leading positions of search engines and present services to potential customers directly. Experience has taught us that customers tend to choose companies which they find themselves. SEO provides you with the visibility you need to win their trust.

Winning customers with trust

Our moving quote calculator is designed to perfectly fit your website and match the pricing system of your company. You will offer your customers the privilege of having accurate Moving Estimates in just a few clicks. With this combination of services, you will be the company with the highest visibility on search engines and serve efficiently the customers coming to your website.  You will receive details of their moves and have an opportunity to win their longterm trust.

Cost Efficiency

Positioning a website on search engines creates visibility that equals to tens of thousands of dollars invested in Google Adds or other types of marketing. At the same time, the quote calculator allows you to automatize communication with customers while being completely scalable. Your costs will remain the same regardless if you serve 50 or 50.000 customers and you will build a competitive advantage since a very limited number of companies are offering similar services.

Why us?

Simply put – nobody else offers this combination of services. Our lasting experience in helping the most successful moving companies in the USA taught us the best SEO strategies for movers and helped us build unique industry-specific resources. We started our careers in the largest moving companies in New York and used the understanding of the business to help other companies grow. Our quote calculator software is completely unique, and in combination with SEO, it can help your moving company climb the very top of the ladder.

How we do it?

  • Keyword research:

    Our team will research what people in your area type when looking for moving services on search engines, and analyze frequency and competition regarding specific phrases. Understanding the local market requirements will allow us to target potential customers and focus on relevant content for them.

  • Free backlink management:

    We own more than 30 moving-oriented websites and maintain a partnership with many successful web portals. This gives us a unique ability to provide free backlinks for your website. They serve as online referrals and send a signal to Google that your website is highly recognized online, what makes it more visible for your customers and clients.

  • Paid backlink management:

    Our web development experts will provide you with the best insight when it comes to purchasing backlinks from premium websites and offer exclusive prices to increase your activity even further.

  • Content development:

    Our SEO specialists will use the information about your moving company and combine it with the keyword research results. It will serve as a resource for building a consistent content strategy in the creation of pages, blog posts and other elements required to secure positions in search results.

  • Internal links:

    We will connect all your inner pages and posts by creating an internal link foundation. This in turn will allow the SEO value to transfer between the pages, increase their individual value, and the value of the website as a whole. It will also allow us to imbed our content strategy deeply in your website structure.

  • Local SEO citations:

    Citations are mentions of your company’s information on various business portals. They help you rate higher on Google’s radar, and ultimately push your website towards a higher position on search result pages. They also extend your online visibility to multiple relevant websites and help your customers find you via numerous sources.

Interesting Facts

90% of people today search for moving services online

75% of them never go past the first page of the search results

70-80% of people ignore the paid ads, and focus on search results

All top moving companies use SEO to reach customers online

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  • Movers Development managed to position our website on leading positions on Google. We get a significant number of customers online, while quote calculator allows us to turn visits into leads and quickly book the moves. Our highest recommendations.

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