The moment you create a website is the moment when your ever-lasting struggle to reach top positions in Google rankings starts. Not only is it necessary to reach the top, but it is also of utter importance to keep this position as long as possible. Undoubtedly, achieving this goal is very challenging. It can become manageable only if you pay close attention to your website value at all times. One of the highly helpful strategies which provide website owners with satisfying website value and top rankings is effective and well-planned link building. Unfortunately, those inexperienced or impatient ones are prone to make link building mistakes very often. That causes severe damage to the website’s reputation. Thus, here is all you need to know about link building mistakes to steer away from.

Building links to irrelevant and meaningless content is among the top link building mistakes

If your aim is to get links to your website, it is compulsory to create high-authority, relevant, and link-worthy content. Otherwise, people will have no interest to link to your site. In addition, your Google rankings will have scarce chances to be satisfying. Instead of offering viewers worthless content that will make them leave your website instantly, apply these strategies:

  • Make the content detailed, in-depth, and comprehensive concerning the topic.
  • Use infographics in your content strategy to capture the attention of the viewers easily.
  • Base the content you offer on relevant data and research conducted in the field.
  • To improve the credibility, quoting experts and influencers is highly advisable.
  • Provide viewers with a vast number of examples and case studies.
A red board with wrong way written on it which symbolizes link building mistakes
Building links to irrelevant and meaningless content is among the top link building mistakes.

Badly-planned and disorganized guest blogging can lead to link building mistakes

It is a mere fact that guest blogging is a cheap, legitimate, and, undoubtedly, useful means for getting links to your website. However, to be able to use it to its full potential, you need to provide premium quality content. Only then will top blogs accept to publish it. This way, you will be able to get brand development for your business and also influence a broad audience.

The most frequent guest blogging related mistakes that influence link building are the following:

  • Writing guest posts of insufficient quality to get backlinks.
  • Focusing only on top-tier websites which have very high editorial standards. – Although a backlink at one of these sites will prove your reputation and authority in the field, it will take months for your post to go live. Thus, if you want guest blogging to help your business grow, wasting a few months is a luxury you cannot afford.
  • Hiring the services of only one guest blogger for link building. – As impossible as it may seem, Google easily recognizes these practices. Then, it penalizes your website. Hence, hire multiple bloggers or simply concentrate on a few target websites and contact the writers who already write for them.
Guest blogging written in black letters ona brick wall.
Badly-planned and disorganized guest blogging can lead to link building mistakes.

Neglecting the impact of internal linking is a wrong strategy

When you eventually earn a backlink from a reputable website in your business field, try your best to make most of it. Pay attention to both the content you provide and the internal link structure of your website. By providing you with a backlink, an authority site gives you a vote of confidence. That increases the credibility of that page on your website.

Furthermore, if there are any internal links from this page, the authority and credibility will transfer to those pages as well. On the other hand, if your internal structure is inconsistent, it is a considerable obstacle to distributing the value to all the important pages on your website. Eventually, your rankings are affected.

Using online tools to generate numerous links to your website harms your reputation

There is an immense number of online tools which can help you generate countless backlinks to your website very fast. Unfortunately, doing this is one of serious link building mistakes. These backlinks have no authority or value. Thus, all you can expect is a penalty by Google due to these spam and low-quality backlinks.

Using the exact match anchor text is not beneficial

Using over-optimized anchor text is what inevitably triggers the Penguin Google algorithm and gets you penalized. Instead of always using the exact keyword you strive to rank for, use a mixture of branded, partial, naked, and generic anchor text. Understandably, the more branded links, the better.

Link building mistakes include building links to the homepage only

We have already mentioned the evident importance of the internal link structure of your website. Consequently, building links to your homepage only is nothing but a wrong and pointless strategy. Although it is useful to a certain extent because it can help in raising your brand awareness, overusing it will trigger Google algorithms by all means. Hence, make your backlinks natural by pointing them to other pages that are relevant and in accordance with the content. For those who are in the moving industry, this is the smartest strategy that will intrigue the viewers and provide free moving leads for moving companies.

Not providing your website with enough social signals prevents further improvement

If you are brainstorming the ideas on how to increase traffic for your blog, providing shares across social media is the most intelligent decision. Google has recently started considering the number of social signs as an important factor when determining its rank position. Thus, it is high time you started promoting your content to increase your social signal strength. Some of the most helpful strategies include:

  • Making social site buttons always visible on your page
  • Inviting your readers to share the content
  • Interacting with social influencers since they may want to share your content
  • Creating the content of outstanding quality
Social sites icons in blue color
It is high time you started promoting your content to increase your social signal strength.

Participating in link exchange programs is risky

We cannot but admit the fact that this has been a common SEO practice for quite a long time. Exchanging links with other websites can be beneficial for all the parties involved but only on one condition. If you exaggerate with reciprocal linking and get involved in mass link exchange programs, you will activate Google algorithms. This strategy is not allowed, so it is yet another among link building mistakes you need to steer clear from.